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Welcome to the extensive horse breeds section. It is no secret that all horses differ in various parameters and therefore there are so many horse breeds. For grouping purposes, many classifications are used, based on origin, structure, economic and productive use, distribution areas, and so on. Any breed can easily be attributed to a specific group by the sum of the signs, often even the names of the breed indicate their belonging by some geographic region or some characteristic behavior. For example, Italian Heavy Draft Horse breed, Estonian Horse, American Quarter Horse, Belorusian draft and many other breeds got their names according to country of origin. Here on we have collected and classified the most popular horse breeds in the whole world and we are presenting them in a very interesting way: each breed are carefully described with pictures and videos, but also you can play the horse puzzle game with each horse breed. Funny, isn`t?

Top Horse Breeds

  1. Danish Warmblood Horse
  2. Comtois Horse
  3. Galician Pony
  4. French Trotter
  5. American Quarter Horse
  6. American Saddlebred
  7. Anglo Kabarda
  8. Ara Appaloosa
  9. Arabian Horse
  10. Ardennes Horse

Best Horse Breeds

  1. American Cream Draft
  2. American Paint Horse
  3. Anglo Arabian
  4. American Warmblood
  5. Blazer Horse

Most Played Horse Breeds

  1. Italian Heavy Draft Horse
  2. Canadian Pacer
  3. Hackney Horse
  4. American Indian
  5. Russian Don

What are Horse Breeds

Horse Breeds are simply - classification of horses. Until today the science stands into position that there aren`t exist two fully identical horses. Therefore classification of horses is made according to various characteristics. But independently of which horse breed we are talking about, all of them have some unique characteristics and behavior.

Play Free Online horse breeds on is honored to present you the one of best category ever! If you wanna learn little bit more about the Horse Breeds all around the world, this is the right place. We do not offer you just the best horse and pony games, puzzles and videos, but we also are devoted to the true facts about these adorable creatures.

The Horse Breeds category has not only an educational purpose. It is always fun to read and be first to know something new about your favorite horse breed. The spotted Appaloosa, the perfect Arabian, the incredible American Saddlebred, the almost extinct Przewalski, the incredible Thoroughbred, the gorgeous Andalusian and so many other horse breeds are here on one place.

We have collected interesting facts about all these amazing horse breeds. It will keep your attention till the very last line. Find out the origin, the physical appearance and the temperament for each horse breed separately only on