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If you are not sure what game to play, then play one of the games that are tagged as most popular and you won`t be wrong. Thousands of players have chosen these games as most popular, so we have to believe that they are also one of the best games on the net.

Top Most Popular Games

  1. Detective Horse
  2. Flash Bounty
  3. Knight Age 2
  4. Luna Horse Adventure
  5. Madmen Racing 2
  6. Horse Go
  7. The Most Wanted Bandito 2
  8. Most Wanted Bandito
  9. My Horse Farm
  10. Skate Horses

Best Most Popular Games

  1. Izzy Boxes
  2. Robin Hood and Treasures
  3. Horses Art Book
  4. Magic Pegasus
  5. Horse Eventing 3

Most Played Most Popular Games

  1. Horse Jumping 4
  2. Horse Eventing 3
  3. Horse Jumping 3D
  4. Elsa Horse Caring
  5. Horse Jumping Challenge

FAQ: What are Most Popular Games

Most popular games can be old, but gold or some of the newest princess dress up games. This collection of most popular games include the Horse Jumping 3D challenge, Pony Run, Horse Ride, Elsa Horse Caring and many more. Play them all and wait for new to come every day.


Play Free Online most popular games on offers you the best most popular games for free. These online games are so fun to play and addictive at the same time that it is hard to get rid of them. However, why should you anyway get rid of something that is entreating and fun to play.

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