Czech Warmblood Horse

Czech Warmblood Horse

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The Czech Warmblood horse is native to the Czech Republic and is named by its country of origin. It is a horse breed that was nearly extinct during the Austria-Hungary Empire 1876-1918. The efforts of many breeders made the Czech Warmblood not only out of the endangered list, yet to be the most widespread breed in the Czech Republic.

The reason for this decline in the population number is the advent of machines and the use of these animals in World War II. During the 19th century, they were crossed with Spanish, Asian and Italian horses, as well with Hungarian Gidran, Nonius, and the Poland Przedswit bloodlines. Later German Warmblood horses, as the Oldenburger horse also influenced the Czech Warmblood breed.

Initially, the breed was bred for all purposes agriculture work, but today the breed refers more to competition horse breeds. They have an open stud book, in which breeds as Thoroughbred, Selle Francais, Arabian, and Anglo- Arabian are also mentioned. The Kladruby stud farm that is located in the same-named Czech village and besides being the home of the Kladruber horse breed, it also has a great role in the development of the Czech Warmblood horse.

The breeding programs intend to refine their horses and produce a large, correct horse that is versatile with admirable, elastic and easy movements, athletic qualities and excellent temperament.


Czech Warmblood Horse

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A bay stallion named 469 that was foaled in 1919 is the foundation sire of the Bystr line of the Czech Warmblood breed. This line is the most famous and successful and horses in this line are powerful, robust, but shorter than the other lines. They are mainly bay with short fetlock and steeper. The average height of the breed is approximately 16 hands high. They have a relatively long life span and can occur in many coat colors.

Bay, black, chestnut, grey, palomino, dun and dark bay are the most common. The physical description of the Czech Warmblood is a horse with an elegant body; solid bone structure; refined headset on a strong, arched neck; long and broad back; and thick mane and tail. The hooves are generally good, although sometimes they can be flat, but still very strong.
The Czech Warmblood horse is primarily used in all equestrian sports, showing exceptional qualities in dressage, jumping and horse racing. They are also used for hunting, pleasure riding and for light agriculture and forest work. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about this beautiful animal, but also to play a game of mind.

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