Georgian Grande Horse

Georgian Grande Horse

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The Georgian Grande is a relatively new breed and its developed in the United States of America. The efforts of developing and bringing back a heavier saddle-bred horse breed started in the 1970s.

The initiator was an appreciated horse breeder Mr. George Wagner Jr. that lived in Piketon, Ohio. He wanted to create a new horse breed that is more Saddlebred in look but with qualities of heavier horse breeds. Another goal was to recreate the historic old Saddlebred type, which was a Baroque type of horse used as cavalry mount, for riding warriors on their backs during the American Civil War.

The old Saddlebred type was agile but heavier boned, strong-bodied and bigger, ridden by many officers and generals throughout the battle campaigns. These horses were with more studier look, robust, sensible and stockier than the nowadays purebred Saddlebred horse breed. For this purpose he crossed an American Saddlebred with a Friesian horse and added bloodlines of other draft horse breeds.

Georges goal was accomplished and he succeeds in producing the final result, a truly great horse, which was even more impressive, impressive and reliable than the older type. Therefore it earned its name, with full right caring the breeders name, Georgian Grande, which means Georges Great Horse.

The most desirable impression of the Georgian Grande is a tall, strong-boned horse with a striking appearance and overall confirmation that allows good movements and jumping abilities. It has the elegance of the Saddlebred and the confirmation and the disposition of the Friesian or the other draft breeds.

Its maturity begins late even after the age of six years. The head is well-formed with a wide forehead large and bright eyes that are set wide apart alert and expressive ears delicate muzzle large nostrils and the profile is straight or slightly convex.



Georgian Grande Horse

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The neck is long, muscled and arched; the withers are well defined, and the croup is sloping rather than level. Shoulders are deep and sloping; the back is strong and sloped. The legs are long, well-set and muscular with large, clean and flat joints.

The feathers on the lower legs can be clipped or they may have little feathering.

The hooves are well-built, rounded and proportioned to the size of the horse. The mane and tail are naturally full, but the mane sometimes can be pulled for hunting or jumping purposes. The Georgian Grande has excellent, energetic gaits, both the trot and the canter makes them excel in many equestrian disciplines, like show jumping, dressage, and eventing.

They are versatile and wonderful horses used for trail, carriage, and pleasure riding for the whole family. They are bred for their grand presence, intelligence, and alertness.

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