Furioso Horse

Furioso Horse

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The Furioso-North Star is a warmblood horse breed that by some opinions is originating in Hungary, and by others, it is native to Romania. Although it is very valuable breed, today it is considered to be an endangered with only a few lines remaining within the breed and small numbers existing in Romania, Hungary and Slovakia.

These countries were raising them for centuries, so small herds of Furioso-North Star can be found on their grasslands. Today there is only privately owned individuals of the breed. The breed is developed from the leading stud Furioso, from whom it got its name.

Furioso was foaled in 1836 in Hungary and was an English Thoroughbred. Later on, in 1841 Furioso was crossed with Hungarian mares and thus was created the Furioso horse breed. Another crossbreeding was made in 1844, when an English Thoroughbred stallion, named North Star was crossed with native mares and produced another line of the breed, the Furioso-North Star driving horse.

This stallion was also crossed with horses of Norfolk Trotter descent and with Nonius horses. At the beginning of the development, these two bloodlines were kept separate, but later, during the 19th century, they were merged. The average height of the breed is approximately 15.2-16.3 hands high.

Their coat color is mostly bay, but chestnut and black can also be found, though they are very rare. The Furioso-North Star has a noble appearance and a strong body constitution. It is a medium- heavy type of horse with a large frame.

The head is well shaped and well proportionate with the body. It has a straight profile and the neck is muscular and straight or slightly arched. The barrel is deep and well sprung the withers are medium and long and the back and loins are solid.

Although lean, the shoulders are muscular and well sloping. The legs are muscular and well defined with strong and clean joints. The hooves are hard and well shaped.


Furioso Horse

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Their front legs are often pigeon-toed and the hind legs are cow hocked. The Furioso-North Star is a unique versatile horse breed, easily adapted in different sports disciplines. It is able to work any kind of agriculture tasks for a long period and is successful in many equestrian sports, known as a highly qualified horse.

Its a harness and saddle type of horse, used as a cart, competition and riding animal and it is very easy to work with them. They can also be great as show horses and are used for crossbreeding and improving other breeds.

To be registered in the studbook, the Furioso-North Star has to pass certain saddle and harness tests and is judged by its confirmation and descendants. It is important to protect the breed against gene erosion. Solve this fantastic horse puzzle and find out a beautiful image of a reliable and true horse breed.

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The Furioso-North Star is a sound and durable horse breed, yet with a refined appearance, which is a result of the Thoroughbred influence.
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