Abaco Barb

Abaco Barb

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Barb is a horse breed that name itself tells you that these are very strong and durable horses, just like the barbarian people. It is an ancient horse that has an incredible impact on today modern breeds.

There are different believes about their origin. Some think that they originate from North Africa and others from Middle Asia. You can find them in all colors gray, bay, black, chestnut, brown, even dun and palomino. Barb height varies from 55 to 57 inches i.e. 140 cm. Thanks to its small, round hooves it can gallop very fast.

This desert horse has high withers, short back, carries it is the tail low and powerful front end. Solve a jigsaw puzzle with these two beautiful horses. They are no ordinary horses, but few of the last of its breed- Abaco Barb.


Abaco Barb

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Press and hold the left mouse button on a piece of a jigsaw, then drag it to a place that you think is the right position. One by one they are going to match and in the end, you will see a beautiful image of these two beauties. Although they are exceptionally strong, their existence is in danger.

Their country of origin is Spain during the time of Christopher Columbus. But the small herd with only eight horses now lives on the Bahaman Island. We are wishing them to make the best thru this cruel world. And for you, lots of fun while playing this wonderful horse puzzle game!
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