Campolina Horse

Campolina Horse

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The Campolinas horse country of origin is Brazil. It is one of the largest Brazilian horses and is developed in the late 19th century. The name of the breed comes from the farmer how developed it. In 1870 Cassiano Campolina received a black Brazilian mare, of Barb ancestry, named Medeia. He crossed this mare on his farm with a pure Andalusian stallion that belonged to Mariano Procopio.

They produced a dark grey foal that was named Monarca and lived 25 years when it died in 1898. Monarca is considered to be the foundation stallion of the Campolina breed. The main goal of Mr. Campolina was to improve animals for great brio and smooth gait. Till the final development and refinement of the breed, many other bloodlines had influence, such as Anglo-Norman, Clydesdale, Holsteiner, Mangalarga Marchador to bring better refinement to the Campolina and the American Saddle Horse.

The existing open herd book was closed in 1934 and the breeds standards were defined for the first time. Later the organization was renamed to Campolina Breeders Association and updates for the breed standard were officially accepted. Today there are approximately 85000 registered Campolina horses and over 7300 registered breeders.

The Campolinas are described as large horses and they are notable for their typical convex nose. The head is trapezoidal with a convex profile and the silhouette is smoothly rounded. They don`t have a true Roman nose, the muzzle is soft and rounded, dark in color and their eyes are expressive.

The forehead is flat and the ears are long and equally placed. The neck is arched, muscular and well proportioned the chest is well developed, deep and wide, the back is long or medium in length mane and tail are silky with the tail being mid-low or low set and the croup is quite full.


Campolina Horse

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The Campolina horse has well defined and strong legs and joints. Hooves are rounded, solid, dark and hard. The average height of the Campolina horse is between 15-16.2 hands and stallions and geldings can weigh 550-600 kg and mares between 350-450 kg.

It may appear in all colors but silver-grey is considered to be the most beautiful and desirable, which reflect a sentimental tradition for the first Campolina. The other colors have their own distinguishing characteristics, as dun-colored Campolina manifests primitive markings that include a dorsal stripe, pale guard hairs on both sides of the mane, sloping shoulder strip and lag striping that look like zippers and that`s why they are called by that name.

Pinto, bay, and buckskin are also traditional colors and markings as white socks and a star on the forehead can also appear. The Campolina is a gaited breed, so they have smooth and ambling gait. The gait that they are known for is called Marsha Verdadeira. The Campolina horse is mostly used for pleasure riding and trekking that includes dressage and is great in driving. Meet a docile, proud and active horse by solving this horse puzzle. Rearrange the pieces of the jigsaw by using your mouse and you
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