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A good and sincere friendship between kids and ponies have always been and will be the favorite theme for children`s animation and online game. After all, pony games are not only educational and instructive but even they look much more pleasant than fight and war games! Every quality and really cute pony game or animation immediately becomes a hit. That`s why a pony game with colored ponies became so wildly popular not only among young girls and boys but also among adults! There are so many pony characters which will keep your attention, pony games that must play. Choose your favorite pony game, click and enjoy! Simple isn`t?

Top Pony Games

  1. Dora Pony Ride
  2. Magic Pony
  3. Pony Care
  4. Pony Run
  5. Pony and Fruits
  6. Pony Sweet Day Care
  7. My Sweet Pony
  8. Pony Adventure
  9. My Little Pony Solitaire
  10. Elsa Pony Caring

Best Pony Games

  1. My Little Pony Unicorn Dress Up
  2. Uphill Rush 9
  3. Running Foal
  4. Pony Tetris
  5. Ponyville Find Items

Most Played Pony Games

  1. Pony Creator
  2. Racing is Magic
  3. Celestia Against Nightmare Moon
  4. Pony Run
  5. Pony Adventure

What are Pony Games

Let`s talk about famous ponies from the series, such as Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, and others. Each of them is well known to every child, each repeatedly imagining himself in the place of one or another pony. Pony Games are created with the participation of such famous characters. Every kid over the world knows that pony games are fun to play, but they are educational too.

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Can you think of a movie that doesn`t get boring even when you watch it for hundred times? Pony games are the same. The games with My Little Pony will allow you the excitement of the world of my little pony series to get in your homes and convey on you. While playing, you`ll feel amazing, because those games and My little pony games are incredible. Exciting, fun, and at the same time they make you think fast.

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