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Appaloosa is one of the most famous horse breeds in the United States and in the world. They are one of a kind, especially for their colorful coat, which makes them distinct from other breeds and is their signature characteristic.

They are first horses from which all other horses originate. The white sclera of the eyes, striped hooves and mottled skin are other distinguishing features. The admiration for unique things is known from a long time ago. Thus on the walls of caves in 18,000 BC were found fascinating images of animals with spots and unusual coat patterns.

There are different beliefs on how spotted horses arrived in the New World for the first time. Some believe that they first arrived in the 16th century with Spanish Conquistadors and explorers and others think that they came later with Russian fur-traders. The Nez Perce, which means - The People - is a tribe of Native Americans those who lived in Idaho and in the region of Washington admired spotted horses and prized them highly.

They bred only the best mares and stallions by using selective breeding. The horses of this tribe got wide popularity in the 1800s. These spotted horses were called - Palouse horse - named for the river that runs thru that area they were brave, strong and with powerful stamina. Over time, the - Palousey horse - was renamed into the name we recognize it today, Appaloosa.

One of the worlds most successful horse clubs today - Appaloosa Horse Club was formed in the 1938 and its goal was to improve the breed, protect its past, present and future. The most impressive feature is the coat that comes in dizzying combinations of colors base colors include bay, black, palomino, chestnut, buskin, dun and can be in several patterns. You cant find two Appaloosas exactly alike.



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There is a certain classification in relation to the patterns Leopard- a white coat with various sizes of dark spots that cover most of the body; Snowflake-dark coat with white spots, which number and size increases as the horse ages; Blanket- a dark coat with a white over the hip that may from the tail to the base of the neck and it looks like its covered with a blanket that can be with or without spots;

Frost - often foaled as a solid color horse, then as it ages has dark coat with white hairs mixed in; Marble- a white coat with dark hairs mixed in; Few Spot Leopard- white coat is covering 90 of its body; Varnish - a light body with dark legs and head; some Appaloosa can exhibit a mixture of coat patterns; and some are with solid coat color, but to be registered as Appaloosa it must have mottled skin and one other distinct characteristic of an Appaloosa.

Many members of the breed have thin manes and tails and because of the influence of other breeds, there are different type bodies, which can stand between 14-16 hands and weigh 430- 570 kg. The original Appaloosa has a convex facial profile. Mottled skin is unique characteristic to the Appaloosa horse and is often on the genitals, rectum or on the nose
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