Bavarian Warmblood

Bavarian Warmblood

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The Bavarian Warmblood horse is a quite new horse breed that is developed in attempt to get a superior sport horse, especially for riding in the Olympic disciplines and for pleasure and recreational purposes.

It is developed in the Bavaria region, which is known as one of the oldest breeding regions in Germany. Its country of origin is southern Germany, where until the early 20th century were known as an old Bavarian Rottaler breed.Mares of this heavy warmblood breed crossed with the English Thoroughbred, Anglo-Arabian and Trakehner stallions gave the todays modern Bavarian Warmblood that was registered as a separate breed in 1963.

The Bavarian Rottal horse was an ancient breed and today is nearly extinct. Other bloodlines also had influence on creating the Bavarian Warmblood horse. These sires include Hanovarian which have the most sires in the studbook, Trakehner, Thoroughbred, Cleveland Bay, Oldenburg, Westphalians and Norman Horse, so as other German Warmbloods.

Today there are approximately 4150 Bavarian Warmblood stallions and mares.The old Rottaler was a calm horse suitable for plowing, carriage driving and non-competitive riding. In 1994 was formed a preservation society in order to save the old type from extinction

. Todays breed confirmation is very similar to the others warmblood types in Germany, so as their movements, jumping abilities and interior qualities. Bu to be sure, the most recognizable mark is the B brand on their left thigh, which is a crowned shield outside the letter B.


Bavarian Warmblood

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Besides the physical characteristics, they are registered in the studbook based on their athletic abilities and temperament. A desirable type is an attractive, elegant horse with dry limbs and head and clear sex expression. The movements have to include three rhythmic gaits, which all are characterized by energy, long stride, natural self-carriage, and elasticity.

Nervous, difficult and aggressive horses are not allowed to breed, so as the studbook will eliminate horses that not meet the breeding standards from the studbook. The average height of the Bavarian Warmblood is between 15.2-17 hands. All coat colors are accepted, yet dark, solid colors are preferred.

White patterns are not allowed in this breed. The overall appearance of the breed is a rectangular shape, long neck set relatively higher on a shoulder, croup is long and moderately sloped, well-defined withers, deep heart girth and well-sprung ribs. Legs are long and strong with large, round hooves that are proportional to the size of the horse. The Osteochondrosis is the main medical issue that concerns the Bavarian Warmblood.

This orthopedic disease of the joint occurs in rapidly growing animals. This breed is used as sports horse in international competitions, as eventing, show jumping and dressage.
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