Arabian Horse

Arabian Horse

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The Arabian is one of the most popular and oldest horses in the world. They are also known as Arab horse and their country of origin is the Arabian Peninsula. People of the Middle East domesticated Arabian horses by 1500 B.C. Today they are spread all around the world.

The main reason is that many breeders crossed them with others because of their speed, refinement, endurance and strong bone. Thus in many modern breeds run Arabian blood. The first Arabian horses reached the European continent in the 16th - 17th Centuries, and were imported in America in the 18th century from then they revolutionized horse breeding. Arabian were highly prized by the Bedouins and to protect them from thieves they were often brought in their homes, living near children, though they are hot-blooded breed, which refers to their temperament.

Arabian is easily recognizable because of its distinguishing features. They have a refined, distinctive head shape with a broad forehead, small muzzles, large eyes, and nostrils. Head is set on an arched neck with well-set windpipe. The level croup is long, carries its tail high and has good hove walls. Solid, dense and strong bone is another distinctive feature and some Arabians have 5 lumbar vertebrae rather than 6, and 17 pairs of ribs instead of 18.

The body is compact with a short back hip is deep, well-angled and has a well-back shoulder. Depending on the individuals some has more powerful muscled hindquarters, which makes them great in intense bursts of activity while others have longer and leaner muscling that makes them better for endurance riding or horse racing.


Arabian Horse

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An average height of the Arabian is 14.1 to 15.1 hands, which makes them not strong, relatively small horses because the traditional cutoff height between horse and pony is 14.2 hands; and they weigh around 800- 1000 pounds as adults. Arabians appear in various colors including gray, chestnut, bay, roan brown and sometimes black. No matter of the coat color.

The skin color is always black, which protect them from the hot sun in the desert. Even though we can see a white Arabian horse, it is only virtually white and they`re in fact gray. Only a few have a white coat, pink skin, and dark eyes, which is a result of nonsense white mutation. Sabino is a pure Arabian horse that has one spotting pattern and other pinto and Appaloosa spotting patterns are not accepted. There are many myths and legends that glorify their acts and devotion to their owners, kings, even to Muhammud.

Their overall conformation is typical of other horse breeds that are built for speed and distance. Although small, dense bones, short back, and cannons, sound feet makes them comparable to taller horse breeds and thus can carry any type of rider or work as any other draft horse. To be registered in the USEF the national governing body for most equestrian sports in the United States they must have solid bones and correct conformation.
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