Anglo Kabarda

Anglo Kabarda

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The Anglo-Kabarda Horse is a unique breed in the Caucasus. Its a cross between the worlds best mountain breed- Kabardian and the English Thoroughbred. To be registered as Anglo-Kabarda it must have at least 25 and not more than 75 Thoroughbred blood.

The beginnings are in the 1920s when the breeders for the first time tried to cross these two horse breeds in the country of origin- Russia. In the northern regions of Caucasus were crossed Kabarda mares with Thoroughbred stallions and then in the 1930s few bay stallions had great importance in the development of the Anglo-Kabarda horse breed.

The main goal of the breeders was to create a horse that will retain the best characteristics of both breeds, in fact, they had to be bigger and faster than the purebred Kabarda, but at the same time capable to live and work in the northern Caucasus region of Russia. The attempts were successful and now these horses are well suited and adapted to that climate, negotiating difficult mountain terrain and its best to let them roam and graze on year-round pastures if there is enough water on the land.

It is a hardy breed, but lightly exposed to parasite infections and thus gastrointestinal problems are common. An anglo-Kabardian horse is taller than most other breeds that stand around 15.2- 16 hands 154-159 cm. height and despite their size, there are three types basic type that is a medium size horse and has a well-shaped head and is a well muscled oriental type that has smaller heads and expressive eyes and massive type that are larger of them all.


Anglo Kabarda

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Overall the confirmation of the breed more closely resembles the Thoroughbred than the Kabardian. Size and speed retain of Thoroughbred, but with Kabardian head and Roman nose profile. An anglo-Kabardian horse has a long neck, short and straight back, slightly sloped croup and shoulders, well-formed joints and long legs.

Traditional colors are found mostly with dense, solid, dark-colored coats. Today there are around 6,300 brave and reliable Anglo-Kabardas, with a true and energetic temperament, not so suited to herd keeping in the mountains, though are raised in herds. They have a long life-span and are very protective of each other. Many of them are great as sports horses, fast on tracks, especially known for their endurance; they participate and compete in national and Olympic events, as well as show horses, for circus riders, performing two-man tricks and especially in equestrian sports.

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