Brandenburger Horse

Brandenburger Horse

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The Brandenburger breed is a warmblood horse that is native to Germany. It is developed in the 15th century although they weren`t a standardized breed, as proof they were declared in documents in the Brandenburg March. In the late 18th century a stud at Neustadt on the Dose was established, which is existing till modern days.

Breeders bred these horses for many purposes, from farm work, carriage to pleasure horse. As the advantage of mechanization grew and after World War II, the needs for heavy warmblood horses decreased, so bloodlines of Oldenburg, Hanoverian, Trakehner, Asian horses and English Thoroughbred were utilized to achieve a modern Brandenburger horse.

The influence of these breeds produced a sports horse type that is desired all over the world. Mecklenburg is a federal state in northern Germany and native place of the stallion Komet. This horse is famous because he managed to escape a castration that was a rule for any horse that is not standardized.

Fortunately, this specific horse later produced and became a sire of many other successful sires that were great in show jumping, such as Kolibri and Kogani. The Warmblood Breeding Society was formed in 1922 and the main goal was to produce horses for the need of the farmers and agriculture work.

Today there are approximately 2000 registered broodmares and 80 sires. The majority is bred in the above-mentioned state stud breeding center, where stallion approval is happening every year in October.


Brandenburger Horse

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The physique conformation of the Brandenburger horse is characterized with a handsome, medium-sized headset on a neck of medium length. The back is straight, strong, well muscled and chest is deep. The croup is long; legs are thick, strong and stocky with large and powerful hooves.

The average height of the Brandenburger is 16-17.2 hands. They can appear in almost every solid coat color, but the bay is being the most often. This breed is a sub-population of the German saddle horse and is bred for an excellent under-saddle mount as well in a harness and as show horses.

They are used in all specialties of horse riding and driving sports events. Their quiet temper makes them wonderful for pleasure riding. Interesting detail about this breed is that Poetin that is a Brandenburger mare was sold for a record amount of 2.5 million Euros. Poetin was a successful world-class dressage horse with a dark bay coat color. Solve a horse puzzle of a well-balanced horse breed that is even-tempered for their large size and is slightly nervous.

Use your mouse to re-arrange the pieces of the grid that are all mixed up. Finally, your efforts will result in a beautiful image of an athletic horse that is willing and lively disposition. That is the Brandenburger horse. Enjoy and have fun!
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