Anglo Arabian

Anglo Arabian

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The name of the Anglo-Arabian horse comes from the base horses. Arabian horse, which is originated on the Arabian Peninsula, crossed with a Thoroughbred that is originally produced by the English, will give a horse that possesses distinct traits of both, a horse with the strongest characteristics of both.

Its a breed that has the third oldest studbook in France and the third oldest breed in the world as an event horse. That is the Anglo-Arabian horse. Its a mix between Arabian intelligent, stamina, soundness, refinement and Thoroughbreds size, scope and speed. The Anglo-Arabian is an aristocratic athlete with athletic qualities that are required of a Sports Horse and with competitive clout.

To be able to register in a studbook, an Anglo-Arabian horse must have at least 25 or not more than 75 Arabian blood, no matter of the crossbred combination it has been made, either the cross is between a Thoroughbred and Arabian, Thoroughbred and Anglo-Arabian, Arabian and Anglo-Arabian and between two Anglo-Arabians. The cross between these two breeds is so well because they both come from the same genetic pool.

They are the only breed in the Arabian family that at least one parent doesn`t have to be a purebred Arabian. The origin comes from France in the time of Napoleon when he came back from Egypt with a liking for Arabian horses and brought several of them when he was returning. Actually, that is the period when officials were crossed Arabian stallion with two English Thoroughbred mares.

A crossbred between a Thoroughbred sire and Arab mare didn`t give good results. Each country is crossing only the best of the Arabian horse and Thoroughbred breed, have associations with different names and are very proud, especially Canada that has special shows only for this breed.


Anglo Arabian

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These outstanding athletics are characterized with inherent qualities of the Arabian horse, shaking head, being a brave and straight face. The neck is long and slightly arched, withers are prominent, the back is short, but strong, deep chest and long, slim, but very strong legs. The Anglo- Arabian sets and carries its tail high.

Because of the many crosses, we can`t talk about average height. Anyway, they are taller than the Arabian and stands around 15.2-16.3 hands. Any dark color is accepted, but bay, chestnuts, brown are common. Anglo-Arabian horses are famous in many sports disciplines throughout the world. The outstanding combination of the size and atheism on one hand, and the intelligence and endurance, on the other hand, makes them springy jumpers that are good as competition horse in eventing, show hack, and racing. Besides that, they are also great for pleasure riding and often are favorites among kids.

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