Akhal Teke

Akhal Teke

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This beautiful horse breed origins from a long, long time ago from Turkmenistan. It is one of the oldest surviving horse breeds which are known 3000 years ago. The meaning of the name of this horse breeds comes from Akhal- pure and Teke is the name of a tribe that has bred these horses a long time ago.

They are a national emblem in Turkmenistan. Now there are about 3500 Akhal-Teke in the world. They are prevalent all around the world, but mostly in Turkey and Russia. Akhal-Teke is meant to be a medium size horse and their height stands between 14.6 and 16 hands and their weight varies between 900- 1100 pounds 420 -500 kg.

Main features for Akhal-Teke are that it has a long and narrow head, long ears and almond-shaped eyes. It has a flexible poll and long, slim neck, set high out of the sloping shoulders. But the most notable and defining is the natural metallic shine of its coat. The color of this Asian horse breed is mostly golden dune with metallic shine, but you can also find them in lots of more colors like black, chestnut, bay, palomino, gray etc.


Akhal Teke

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In some cases, white markings can be found on the face and legs. The skin is thin and mane and tail are usually sparse. These horses have tough, strong legs and that makes them, besides its natural athleticism, great sports horse good at dressage, show jumping, racing and endurance riding.

The breed is restless because of the conditions they have been adapted to Turkmenistan lands, where horses must live without much food and water. Not so long ago an Akhal Teke has born several foals with Wobbler Syndrome. These horses are very sensitive and are able to respond to the mental suggestion of humans.

They have a reputation for bonding to only one person and that is the way it might be difficult if a stranger rides it?. The breed is similar to the Turkoman horse and has an influence on many breeds. Meet a beautiful foal with its mommy by solving this great horse puzzle. Find out from a simple picture of how this breed is really lively, alert, vigorous.
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