Hanoverian Horse

Hanoverian Horse

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The Hanoverian horse is a breed that is developed in Germany. It is one of the oldest and one of the todays most famous warmblood horse breeds throughout Europe and worldwide.In 1735 the Hanoverian was recognized by the King of England, George II, in Germany, founding the Celle State Stud.

The goal of the Stud was to produce high-quality stallions to the local breeders. They crossed local mares with Holsteiner, Thoroughbred, Cleveland Bay, Neapolitan, Andalusian and other horse breeds in order to make a well-suited horse for many purposes, as agriculture, harness and cavalry horse. At the end of the 1700s the Hanoverian became a high-class coach horse and till today it is known for its beauty, grace, athleticism and good nature.

After 1816 more Thoroughbred blood was added to the breed to improve their movement, giving them more freedom and lightness. In 1924 Trakehner and Anglo-Arabian bloodlines were also used for crossbreeding with the Hanoverian in an attempt to refine a solid sport horse.

After the World War I and II the number of the Hanoverians had declined and the hasty, strong horses were much more used for equestrian competitions, as a result of the demand for sport riding horses. Since 1790s the horse breed was carefully monitored and many of them were spread worldwide, especially in Canada, Americas and Australia.

The average height of the Hanoverian horse is between 15.3-17 hands high, though they are mostly high from 16-16.2 hands. All solid coat colors are accepted for the breed, but chestnut, bay, black, brown and gray are the most common. Buckskin, palomino, cremello and too much white on the horse are not allowed in the breed registry.

The Hanoverian is of solid confirmation, elegant, strong, easy trainable and tough. The head of is light and medium sized. The body and hindquarters are powerful the back is strong and medium in length with powerful loins.

The limbs are short with large, well defined joints and strong, muscled forearms and their movements are athletic and elastic. The hooves are well-shaped and the tail is high-set. Today the Hanoverian excels in many horse sports, particularly in the Grand Prix competitions.

The Olympic disciplines in which they excel are dressage, show jumping, show hunting and eventing. Salinero, Satchmo 78, Sunrise, Bonaparte 67, Bretina and Wansuela Suerte are the names of most successful Hanoverian horses in international dressage.

The top Hanoverian show jumpersare Shuterfly that was sired by Silvio Warwick Rex E.T. FRH Esprit FRH and For Pleasure, sired by Furioso II. All the Gold, Rio Grande, Escudo I and Espri were the top sires for hunter horses.


Hanoverian Horse

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The breeding society that aimed production of coach and war horses in Europe was founded in 1867 and the first Hanoverian Warmblood Studbook was opened and published in 1888 by the Royal Agriculture Society.

The goal of the Hanoverian associations worldwide is to produce a versatile, noble warmblood horse with light, elastic and ground-covering gaits. Today the society is known Hanoverian Society Hannoveraner Verband and there are united societies worldwide, such as in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zeland, United Kingdom, Finland, France, and Russia.

Hanoverians are selectively bred and horses have to meet rigorous breeding standards and testing for registration. Besides, they are encouraged, having famous auctions at Verden first held in 1949 and keeping records for many generations, which give them an opportunity to find the best crossbreeding match.

The best horses at the Verden auctions are sold for over than 100 000 Euros and the record price was in 2006 for London time, purchased 510 000 Euros. To obtain a breeding license horses are examined with radiographs in order to exclude OCD lesion, which can be a cause for some medical issues, such as osteochondrosis that affects the bone and the cartilage in the joints.

Solve a wonderful horse puzzle and find out an image of a lovely horse breed that is mostly recognized by the H symbol, which is branded into their hindquarters. The Hanoverian is a versatile breed, even-tempered, intelligent, brave and surefooted.
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