Gidran Horse

Gidran Horse

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The Gidran is a warmblood horse and its country of origin is Hungary. Its been developed at Mezhegyes State Stud in the 19th century and the foundation sire of the breed is a yellow Arab stallion, named Gidran Senior. He was foaled in Arabia and brought in Egypt in 1816, purchased by Baron Fechtig. He was a little Arabian horse of the prominent Siglavy strain.

The first important crossbreeding was with a Spanish mare, Arrogante, which resulted with a colt that was named Gidran II. This stallion was later mated with different mares of various horse breeds and since 1893 Thoroughbred bloodlines was also added.

Today the breed is very rare, existing in small numbers with only 200 individuals alive and they can be found mostly in Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria. They live in small herds of mares, of which each has an attendant stallion, which ensures the hardiness and the robustness of the breed.

The Gidran Horse Breeders National Association is established in the United States and any further or more specific information can be found exactly there.

The associations goal is to maintain the genetic pool and thus prevent it from genetic erosion. Before registration each horse has to meet strict inspection standards. The average height of the Gidran horse is approximately 16 hands high, but they can range from 15.2-17 hands. 15.2 actually is the minimum size for a horse to be registered in the studbook.

All coat colors and markings that appear at the Arabian horse breed are accepted, but chestnut is the most common.The Gidran has an attractive overall appearance and looks bigger than the Arabian horse. The head is small, elegant and refined, but not as the traditional Arabian horse and is well proportioned to the body.

The eyes are large and lively and the ears are small. The neck is muscular and slightly arched the chest is deep and wide and the hindquarters are muscular. The shoulders are also well muscled and sloping the back and loins are tight and the barrel is deep and well sprung.


Gidran Horse

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The legs are well muscled with strong joints and short cannon bones, giving the horse great abilities to gallop. The hooves are well shaped with hard horn.

The Gidran horse is a saddle and harness type of horse and is widely used in many equestrian sports. It is a versatile horse breed, used in competitive sports and is equally suitable and for saddle and for carriage. They are excellent in eventing, horse jumping, achieving outstanding results in international levels too.

The Gidran horse has influenced the English Thoroughbred, the Arabian and vice versa. Take an adventure and a pleasure to solve a wonderful horse puzzle. The final image will appear when you rearrange the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle. Each has to be replaced on its fitting position where it will match with another piece.

Press and hold the left mouse button on a jigsaw piece and then drag it on a corresponding place. The Gidrian horse is courageous, spirited and not so docile.

The very first Gidran Senior was described as a tempestuous horse, thus it is logical that his offspring will be with a similar temperament. The Gidrian horse is lively, athletic, durable and long-lived but with well-balanced nature.
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