Frederiksborger Horse

Frederiksborger Horse

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The Frederiksborger is a horse breed that is native to Denmark. It is also the oldest pedigreed domestic breed in the world. Its very rare and considered to be an endangered breed, though there is still hope, due the reliable offspring.

One of the oldest studs was established in 1562 by the King Frederik II, who prized the Italian Neapolitan and the Iberian horses, thus populated the Royal Frederiksborg Stud with individuals of these breeds. Later on the stud was populated with two other breeds that gained great reputation at that period, the English Norfolk Roadster and the Arabian horse.

All these breeds were very popular, so the Frederiksborger horse had to prove its agility and trainability as a royal mount in Haute Ecole a high school for jumps, and in warfare. Initially they were bred as light riding horses and for pulling royal carriages.

They also had to meet strict and rigorous quality standards, be stylish and high stepping for parades and court ceremonies, as well to be robust enough and uniformed to be able to trot ahead the royal carriages. They were extremely famous and luxury during the Renaissance and the Baroque periods.

In the carriage teams they had to match in color, markings and size.Unfortunately, in 1839 the stud farm was closed and many Frederiksborgers were exported. They were bred privately, but instead of royal items, they were used for agriculture work and for pulling stagecoaches, transporting passengers and goods.

During the 20th century breeders made efforts to reestablish the breed adding Friesian, Oldenburg, Arabian and Thoroughbred bloodlines. Today their population number is small, but in the past century they are pure-bred, undergoing studbook inspections before being allowed to breed.


Frederiksborger Horse

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Horses with medical issues and genetic disorder are not allowed to breed. The average height of the Frederiksborger is approximately 15.1-16.1 hands and their coat color is usually uniform in appearance, chestnut with white markings, flaxen mane and tail.

Bay, buckskin, palomino, and grey can also occur and they as well have white markings. The head of the Frederiksborger is well proportioned, with a straight or slightly convex profile; muzzle is wide; ears are mobile and pointed, and the eyes are large and expressive. The neck is arched, powerful and medium in length, set high on strong shoulders.

The back is straight and short; the hindquarters are broad and deep, and the chest is high and deep. The legs are strong, solid, well muscled and square with broad joints. The feet are small but tough and the tail is well carried. Initially used as royal mounts for carriage and war purposes, today the Frederiksborger is used for harness racing and for pleasure riding.

Horses are also used in agriculture, but some are successful in combined driving, dressage and show jumping. The breed was used to improve many horses breeds, such as the Holsteiner, Swedish Warmblood and the Hanoverians. Solve a great horse puzzle and find out an image of a handsome horse that is long-lived and matures early.

The Frederiksborger is intelligent, bright and easy to work with. Its temperament is lively and the gaits, especially the trot, are expressive, natural and powerful. Use your mouse to change the places of the jigsaw puzzle pieces, see the final image and have fun!
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