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Animal Games are usually dedicated to all kids: girls and boys. As we all know playing with a real animal is one of the most common wishes of every kid. Here, at you have the great opportunity to play with your favorite friends: hamsters, penguins, pandas, horses, donkeys and of course cats and dogs. But how is it possible? Our fantastic collection of free online animal games offers you the amazing moments of fun, giving you unforgettable moments of pleasure. Play with your favorite pets, dress them, ride, jump... Enjoy!

Top Animal Games

  1. Snail Bob 8
  2. 3 Pandas Japan
  3. Save the Animals
  4. Pick and Dig
  5. 3 Pandas Brazil
  6. Piggy in the Puddle
  7. Piggy Wiggy 3
  8. Nutty Mania
  9. Kung Fu Rumble
  10. My Dolphin Show 5

Best Animal Games

  1. Bongo Balls
  2. Iced Boom
  3. Plumber Beeny Hamster
  4. 3 Pandas 2
  5. Funny Bees

Most Played Animal Games

  1. Snail Bob 8
  2. Save the Animals
  3. Penguin Diner 2
  4. Tiger Simulator 3D
  5. My Dolphin Show 8

What are Animal Games

Animal Games are a category of games in which animals play the main role. Bears, Squirrels, Snails, Horse, Dogs, Cats... Are you ready to spend wonderful moments with those cute friends that can make you feel happy?

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All great animal games are right here. Nothing is good as well splendid and organized time so that you won`t have to wonder where or what to do. Visit our site with the best online horse games and don`t go anywhere.

We love animals and playing with them, especially because they bring us pleasure and enjoyment. Often we compare ourselves with an animal character, which motivates us to be a better friend.

Learning and recreation are an inseparable part of these games and can help develop skills that will be used later in your life. Have you ever asked yourself what dreams are made of? Find out here. Grow, learn and rejoice with our site, because we wish your wishes, dreams and hopes become true!

Our collection of Animal games is suitable for both hardcore players and novices. Enjoy playing pet games, try minigames or real-time gaming! Transfer to other continents or even open space! With the thousands of animal games, you can spend hours of fun! Fight dangerous animal enemies and be careful not to fall into captivity! Play computer versions of your favorite animal games or try the unique flash games!

Our collection of animal games includes games from a variety of genres. Music fans can learn to play instruments and create songs while cinema lovers can recreate scenes from their favorite movies! Play the role of an unbeatable dragon in one of the dragon games . Choose an image to represent you or play yourself. Solve puzzles and compete with other players from around the world. Make decisions and win any of the animal games!