American Saddlebred

American Saddlebred

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American Saddlebred horse is the first horse breed established in America. Today he`s the ultimate show horse. Saddlebreds origin country is North America a warmblood originated from Galloway and a Hobbie horse, which were natural pacers small, hardy, and very comfortable to ride over rough terrain.

It was imported from Britain during the early part of America`s history and was originally known as the Kentucky Saddle Horse. It is such a distinct breed because of the influence of many other breeds as a result of the Thoroughbred, Morgan, Narragansett Pacer now extinct, and Canadian Pace.

They served farmers and planters to work long hours in the fields, pulling a carriage to church on Sundays and were wonderful, elegant horses. The breed enjoys a long and proud history. Officially it was first mentioned in 1776 and because of the popularity and commercial value, the first horse breed association in the U.S. was established on April 7, 1891. Lots of outstanding Saddlebreds served many famous generals.

Most famous are Denmark- 1839- 1858, stallion that would be designated Foundation Sire of the breed and was a successful four-mile racer Harrison Chief- foaled in 1872, sire whose offspring showed dynamic action in harness and under saddle The legendary Great Wing Commander- foaled in 1943, a career of consistent championships A coal black stallion Rex McDonald, idolized by the public, and visited by Presidents of the U.S. and many more.

Conformation and overall appearance of the Saddlebred is elegance, combined with an attitude that is often called class, presence, quality, style or charm, thus rightly bears the nickname The Peacock of the Horse World.


American Saddlebred

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It has a small, refined head with large expressive eyes and small, erected ears; they are known for there long, arched, muscular neck; body is compact with strong shoulders; withers are positioned above the hips; legs are long, clean and have excellent bone; hooves often grow long; and a level croup with a high, arched tail.

The Saddlebred is a gaited horse, which means that can learn to move in ways that other horse breeds can`t. If a horse of this breed is well-cared it might live 25-30 years. Saddlebreds are outstanding performers, so there are three types Harness type performs the walk and the Park Trot; Three-Gaited type the Walk, Trot, and Canter; and The Five-Gaited type works at the latter gaits, Slow-Gait, and the Rack. Average height is 15-17 hands and weight is 1,000- 1,200 pounds.

The most prominent colors are bay, chestnut, brown and black, although all colors are found, including pinto. The first recorded show was at Lexington, Kentucky, in 1817. Beside Saddle Seat riding, today Saddlebreds are also great in Dressage, Cross Country, Western Pleasure, Reining, Roping, Jumping, Hunter, Driving, Therapeutic Riding, as movie stars in films and all that is done with style. See a beautiful, extremely alert, curious, highly intelligent, people-oriented horse by using the mouse and matching the
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