Alter Real

Alter Real

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The Alter Real is very closely related to the better known Lusitano. This horse breed origins from Portugal, precisely it began as carriage horses in Lisbon, where the purpose was to provide horses for the Royal Stables that were suitable for classical equitation. But no one is certain about Lusitanos origin.

Probably it descends from the Spanish Andalusian horse. When the Muslims invaded Iberia in 711 AD, they brought Barb horses with them that were crossed with the native horses. The cross between these two horse breeds produced a war horse superior even to the original Iberian horse it also became useful for dressage and bullfighting.

The bond between Iberian humans and horses was the initial inspiration for the centaur. There are lots of legends which claim that mares of the area where sired by the wind. The Alter Real breed comes from Alter do Chao, a small city in Portugal.

The breed obtains its name from Alter- the name of the city and Real which means royal in Portuguese, so this breed is the royal breed of Alter. Alter Real is termed as a baroque horse, which describes horses of medieval descent.


Alter Real

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The baroque is characterized by a muscular, arched neck; powerful body, typically a thick mane and tail, by agile movements, and they are known for their exceptional ability in the classical dressage. Bullfighting on horseback was common entertainment for the Portuguese people of high social position.

These horses known as good warfighters today are excellent for this public spectacle. Thanks to its extravagant action and great knee flexion they are also known as a show, performance and carriage horses. In Portugal, the bulls are not killed in the bullring so the horse must be very agile and still remain calm. An average height of the Alter Real horse is between 15.1-16.1 hands. It appears in various colors, black and gray being predominant

.Most recognizable characteristics of this breed are small, refined head with expressive eyes and curved nose, short and strong neck
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