Bashkir Curly

Bashkir Curly

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The origin of the Bashkir Curly is not known well and it is considered to be one of the greatest mysteries in the horse world. All agree that they are an ancient breed because they have been despite in art in early China as back as far as 161 AD. Photos and other evidence were found throughout Europe and South America which confirmed their presence.

How and when exactly they came to the United States is a mystery, but there is evidence that the Bashkir Curly has been in North America since 1800 possessed by Indian tribes. One theory is that when Russian colonist tried to settle in North America during the 1700s they didn`t succeed and abandoned their Russian Bashkir Curly horses.

Another theory is that maybe they have descended when crossing the land bridge during the last Ice Age. Or maybe they originate from the Iberian horse, as the foals of crossbred horses have curly hair, which suggests that the curly gene is dominant. Despite this minimal information about the Curlies past, it is much more known about the development of the breed in the modern day history.

All traits lead to the Damele family. During the early 1900s, they had a herd of different horse breeds and noticed that the Curlies survived harsh winters with no supplemental feeding, proving their hardiness. They breed and documented these horses in Eureka, Nevada but didn`t care to keep the breed pure, so add some other blood to their herd and attempt to improve their horses. The Bashkir Curly horse is a breed that has a unique gene that gives them their curly hair and makes them distinct from other breeds.


Bashkir Curly

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The curly hair can be expressed minimally that are inside the ears, at fetlocks and a kinky mane and tail; maximally- all over the body with curly eyelashes and guard hairs; extremely which are very tight and extreme but in summer can shed entirely bald; and as any variation between.

The curly hair is more pronounced in winter and that`s why it is usually called -winter coat. Some are called -smooth coat Curlies- because they exhibit no curl at all but still are purebred Curlies. The mane and tail are split and when the hair is shed in the spring, it is collected and used for spinning. The mane will be curlier if it is not combed, but the tails are usually combed by most people. The average height of the breed is between 14 and 16 hands, ranging from miniature to draft horses and they weight 800-1000 lbs 360-455 kg.

The coat colors are founded in all common horse colors which include Appaloosa and Pinto, but chestnut is the most often. The Curlies are horses of medium size. They have soft, calm looking eyes with beautiful curly eyelashes that give them a sleepy look, which is contrary to their temperament and they are not lazy, moving at a running walk with a long stride and bold movement. The hooves are another striking feature. They are well- rounded, very hard, dense and proportioned to the size of the horse and are always black, even at horses with white legs.
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