American Indian

American Indian

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When we talk about American Indian horse its not just about one horse breed, in fact, it is not even a specific breed. Any horse with Spanish origin that has evolved in the United States, either the breeding was supported by humans or without them, is placed in this category and called with this name.

So, we can include that any type of horse breed that is capable to adapt to a particular environment in the United States is an American Indian horse breed. It is origin from the Arabian breed that was imported to Spain. An Arabian horse bred with Barb and Andalusian became the best horses in that time.

During the 15th and 16th centuries, they were brought from Spain on the ships of Columbus and the Conquistadores to the New World. The American Indian Horse has gone by many names Indian, Spanish or cow pony, Mustang or buffalo horse, they are basically the same animal. In 1961 was established the American Indian horse Registry and from then it is decided to create five categories in which to group the horse.

There you can find horses with unknown pedigrees, such as Bureau of Land Management, then Quarter and Appaloosa horses, specific Indian tribes and ponies of Indian type. However, the O Type is considered the purest of blood.


American Indian

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When it comes about the characteristics, you can`t describe the horse breed because there is more than one, a group of breeds or stocks, which have developed in the United States from Spanish stock. American Indian horse is warm blood and generally, height ranges more or less from 13 to 16 hands and weight 700 to 1000 pounds.

To this breed appears every color known to the horse from solid colored to lilac roan, sometimes appaloosa spotted and every variation imaginable is also occurring. They all have excellent feet and legs, muscled and fat body style as all modern horse breeds. They are also known especially for there savvy that is dominating in compare with any other horse.
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