Choctaw Horse

Choctaw Horse

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There is a legend about a Choctaw horse, called Wind Horse. This horse was fast as the wind and had a great power to cure all kind of wounds and illness. One day he heard someone crying out for help.

He runs immediately and saved a boy from a bear trap. The boy`s leg was so bad that even Wind Horse couldn`t help him. They bonded, went to the Indian Hunting Ground and never came back. That was their last ride and then Indian people felt unhappy and a great loss. Wind horse prayed for them and horse was given to the Indian people as friends.

The country of origin of the Choctaw horses is the state of Mississippi in the USA. They are descended from the Spanish Colonial horses during the 16th century. At that time many explorers came to the Americas and brought their horses. The Choctaw horse was originally bred by the Choctaw tribe from the Southeastern United States and that`s how they derived their name. Since the 18th century, they were a part of their daily lives, prizing them highly that at the end they were buried with their owners.

These horses were used as money to exchange goods barter and represented wealth, beauty, respect and prestige. The breed was selectively bred following their culture, spiritual lives, and tradition, but during the 19th century native people from the Choctaw tribe has moved from the fertile area of Mississippi to Oklahoma. In this journey, they took their animals with them, but it was never the same.

This trip disrupted their deep breeding tradition. Since then and during the 20th century the population number of the breed has dramatically decreased and the breed went almost in extinction. Today the breed is very rare with less than 200 purebred Choctaw horses alive and they need a serious help by breeders to maintain a breeding program for saving, protecting and promoting the Choctaw horse.


Choctaw Horse

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They are endangered and close to extinction. Fortunately, there are dedicated breeders, Choctaw people and breeding programs that are working tirelessly in order to keep this wonderful breed alive. The most dedicated breeders include Dr. Phillip Sponenberg of Virginia and Bryant Rickman of Oklahoma.

The Choctaw horse is characterized as a tough, small and incredibly flexible breed. Their height can range between 13.2 and 14.2 hands high. All colors are accepted with pinto patterns being the most common and breeders are especially concerned about the preservation of the rare coloration such as Calico Tobiano. The lifespan of an average horse of this breed is from 20- 30 years. Physically they resemble the Mustangs, having heads with a straight profile and abundant mane and tails.

The Choctaw horses were used as war mounts, pack animals and for riding. In the past and today, they are still used for hunting and working with cattle, thanks to their cow sense. They are also used in some horse sports like barrel racing and other western events. Solve this great horse puzzle and see the final image of a gentle and kind horse breed. The Choctaw horses are intelligent, agile, strong and energetic. Use your mouse to replace the pieces of the jigsaw
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