Ara Appaloosa

Ara Appaloosa

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The Ara Appaloosa is a cross between the two oldest horse breeds in the world- Arabian horse and Appaloosa. They are considered to have similar ancestry, thus many characteristics are common for both breeds. Refined physical characteristics of Arabian and leopard-spotted coat pattern of the Appaloosa makes this breed beautiful to look and a real pleasure to ride them.

They are talented, intelligent and known for their endurance, which actually are mutual characteristics for both Arabian and Appaloosa. Beside Ara Appaloosa, other names that are used for this breed are Araloosa and AraAppaloosa. Anyway, this is not a new type of horse, though the Register is quite new, dating from 1995 as an offshoot of the Appaloosa Horse Club 1938.

The Ara Appaloosa and Foundation Breeders International AAFBI intend to keep alive the true values of the breed and re-establish the best examples of the breed that Nez Perce people developed during the 18th and 19th centuries. M. Lewis is the first white man that saw the modern Appaloosa horse by visiting the Nez Perce tribe in 1806. This horseman and explorer describe them as lofty, elegantly formed, active and durable horses.

So as Claude Thompson the founder of the Appaloosa Horse club talks about his first impressions when he saw the first Appaloosa. He knew that only by crossing those with Arab blood, because of their similar ancient origins, can develop a true Appaloosa. Ara Appaloosa is a quality, elegant, a refined, athletic and colorful horse that has the ability to go as far as possible.

They influence on Arabian and Appaloosa breed and some claim that spotted horses are the oldest horse type in the world. Many painting of these horse patterns in caves and other artifacts, confirms this.


Ara Appaloosa

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Ara Appaloosa posses many characteristics of these two horse breeds and can be easily recognized by its distinct feature, the color of its coat and coloration patterns, but with the general conformation of the Arab as refined head, high carried tail, stamina, and overall elegance. Average height is 14-15 hands and weight between 800 and 1000 pounds, but still can be found in various sizes depending on its background.

From the above, we can conclude that Ara Appaloosa is more refined build, athletic and lighter than modern Appaloosa. Compared with the Arabian breed if one of Ara Appaloosas parents is purebred Arabian, the horse can be registered as half Arabian in the Arabian Horse Association. So, one horse can be triple registered as Appaloosa, half Arabian and Ara Appaloosa. Because of the great Arabian quality and wonderful coat colors, Ara Appaloosa are increasing in many sport horse competitions as in endurance racing, 3-day eventing, horse show disciplines, and dressage.

They are good at ranch work and remarkable pleasure horses. Solve a horse puzzle of an amazing Ara Appaloosa horse. They are intelligent, durable, talented, beautiful, sure-footedness, with a fiery and spirited temper.
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