Azteca Horse

Azteca Horse

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The Azteca horse breed is developed in Mexico in 1972, so its country of origin is Mexico. Later many horses were spread all around the United States and by adding American Paint Horse bloodline, a subtype, called American Azteca was founded.

The main goal of the Mexican breeders was to produce a perfect horse for the traditional horseman in Mexico, called charros so that they can ride an elegant horse, which is also ideal for performance. Charros needed a flashy horse with a certain height, thus can take down a bull by its tail calm for roping, yet be agile quick and strong enough for reining.

Initially, a crossbreed between imported Spanish Andalusian, American Quarter and Argentinean Criollo were used to produce a horse breed that will be a national breed of Mexico. The first Azteca stallion was named Casarejo and he was foaled in 1972 as a cross between an Andalusian stallion and a Quarter Horse Mare. The President of the house of Domecq, Don Antonio Ariza, together with the help of many others, worked in Texcoco on developing this horse breed.

The efforts were successful and in 1982 the Mexican Department of Agriculture granted official registry to the Azteca breed. The original breed registry that was formed in 1972 is still marinating and is called the Mexican Breeders Association for the Azteca Horse. There are certain inspection standards that have to be met by a horse to be registered into the studbook. By adding 1000 horses per year in Mexico, as of today, the studbook has registered approximately 15000 Azteca horses.


Azteca Horse

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Each foal is inspected when it is 7 months old and again when its 3 years. The confirmation, character, movement, and disposition are standards that they have to meet. Letters for A-F indicate the composition of the horse that identifies the proportion of the foundation`s breeds. They don`t guaranty the quality of the horse, just to ensure that no foundation breed will figure more or less than 34.

The height at 3 years of age is 15-16.1 hands by colts and 14.3-16 hands by fillies and they all weigh approximately 450-540 kg. Head is lean, elegant and aristocratic with a straight or convex facial profile. It has intelligent and expressive eyes, full and ample nostrils, firm muzzle and small, well pricked up ears.

The neck is slightly arched and well-muscled; the body has high withers, wide and deep chest, short and straight back and broad croup; girth is deep and full; legs and feet are strong and well-proportioned; the tail is set medium-low and with the mane, they are long, abundant, luxurious and flowing. Movements are free and mobile, naturally collected, spirited and proud with excellent tracking. This breed has a silky coat and all colors are accepted, except paints, appaloosa and albino.

Gray is most common and may have white markings on the face and lower legs. The Azteca is great in activities where intelligence, spirit, courage, power, style, and speed are required.
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