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It`s a pity that in a city apartment it`s impossible to have a real big horse, not even a little pony, but ... Playing amazing and realistic horse games will give you the most real emotions and feelings like you are really interacting with your favorite horses! We have collected the best horse games for girls and boys here on You can play these games wherever and whenever, on your desktop PC or on your phone or tablet. The choice is always yours and the pleasure is guaranteed. Go to the horse ranch and play the best virtual horse games ever!

Top Horse Games

  1. Detective Horse
  2. Flash Bounty
  3. Knight Age 2
  4. Luna Horse Adventure
  5. Madmen Racing 2
  6. Horse Go
  7. The Most Wanted Bandito 2
  8. Most Wanted Bandito
  9. My Horse Farm
  10. Skate Horses

Best Horse Games

  1. Izzy Boxes
  2. Robin Hood and Treasures
  3. Horses Art Book
  4. Magic Pegasus
  5. Horse Eventing 3

Most Played Horse Games

  1. Horse Jumping 4
  2. Horse Eventing 3
  3. Horse Jumping 3D
  4. Elsa Horse Caring
  5. Horse Jumping Challenge

What are Horse Games

Horse Games are a different kind of online games. They are dedicated to horses, ponies, to their running, jumping and riding. They are filled with perfect graphics and they are simple to play. It is almost impossible to stay indifferent playing these games.

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We have plenty of Horse Games, Horse Jumping Games , Horse Racing Games , Pony Games , plus new games added daily.

All games load on Horse Games .org, so no more going from page to page or site to site trying to play a Horse Game. It is simple: Choose your favorite Horse Game - click, play and have endless fun!

The horse is a beautiful, noble and very graceful animal. If you have always dreamed of visiting a horse farm, playing with a horse, taking part in horse racing, then the section More Horse games will help you to make it happen. This section presents games of various genres, but all of them are united by one thing: your partner in the game process will be a majestic horse. In games with horses, you will have the opportunity to choose a magnificent thoroughbred horse and test your skills at the races. Compete with experienced riders and perhaps you will be able to come to the finish line first. For those who do not like to compete, we have a huge collection of such games as horse farms. Here you can build your dream farm and raise horses to sell or compete. If you don`t like sitting still, then you can always go on an unforgettable journey. Even if you have never ridden a horse due to certain circumstances or because you are afraid, now you can try to do it on your own and we all know virtual world is our tomorrow.

You will have a chance to play very exciting games in which you will need to find hidden objects or numbers in the pictures with the horses. Many horses have wings and they fly very nicely in the clouds. There were lots of such games with flying horses and now all these games can be played by you and your friends. Start looking for all the games that you see on the main page, click on it and begin the adventure. Go to new worlds, complete endless levels, compete with various opponents and enjoy every second playing more horse games.