Galician Pony

Galician Pony

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The Galician Pony is native to Spain. It is developed in the small province of Galicia in northwest Spain thus takes its name. The alternative names for the breed are Gallego, Cabalo Galego, Jaca Gallega, Faza Galizana, Poni Galaga, Poney Gallego, and Poldro Galacio. Like all ponies, the Galician has the similar ancestors.

In fact, they are all descended by crossbreeding between Celtic, Roman horses and other horses that were brought to northern Spain by Germanic tribes. Later on, each has evolved separately according to the different geographic and climate environment. The Galician pony is well suited to the natural wet and difficult climate conditions that are overcoming the low mountains in the northwest Spain.

These conditions made them very rugged and tough, so they are roaming free in an area from Portugal to Scotland. It is an ancient breed of pony that was largely exported from Spain to the New World, during the 16th century. At that period the Galician pony had an influence on the Galiceno horse breed in Mexico that is developed from this pony breed and the Garrano horse from Portugal.

By some opinions, it also had an influence on the feral Mustang horse, but it is not confirmed for certain. According to a study that was made in 1973 there were around 20000 Galician Ponies in Spain. The first studbook was opened in 1994 and their population number has significantly decreased due to the sanitary problems that they cause. Today they are protected and regulated by the Galician government, which is trying to increase their number.


Galician Pony

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The average height of the breed is approximately 11.8-13.7 hands high, which means that they stand somehow between a small sized horse and a large pony. They mostly have a chestnut coat color. The head of the Galician Pony has a straight profile, linear proportions and the older mares often have long mustaches on the upper lips.

The body is short and the legs are strong. In the past, the Galician Pony was mostly bred for meat production in the horsemeat industry and so it is nowadays. Another purpose for breeding the Galician Pony is that the hairs of the manes and tails are excellent for producing all kind of brushes. But as the technology grew, this use is less common and they are used for riding, tourist attraction and transporting tourists across the rugged terrains throughout Spain.

Once a year, during the traditional festival Curros, feral Galician ponies are brought from the mountains, branded and traditionally their manes and tails have been cut, thus some are bought by people and others are sent back to the wild. Curro is a word for the area where the hoses are demonstrated during the festival. Solve a horse puzzle and find out a final image of a friendly, kind and calm pony breed. Rearrange the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle, by using your mouse. Press and hold the left mouse button on a jigsaw piece, then drag it to a matching position. Read and learn more about the Galician pony and then play this remarkable horse puzzle game.
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