American Cream Draft

American Cream Draft

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The name itself tells us exactly about the breed of horse we are going to talk about. So, its called American because its developed in the United States and is the only draft horse originated in the United States.

Second name- Cream, tells us thats the only color that is accepted to be registered as an American Cream Draft horse breed. And finally Draft denotes that this is a large horse bred for hard, heavy tasks such as plugging and farm labor. Today they are also used as show and riding horses.

The beginnings of this horse breed are dating from the time of a foundation mare named Old Granny, which was foaled between 1900 and 1905. At that time the breed registry still wasnt formed. As the years passed by, while Old Grannys colt wasnt geld because he was so impressive, latter when he became a stallion, he sired several cream- colored foals.

In the middle of the 20th century this horse breed was finally registered. Cream-colored coat, pink skin and amber colored eyes are defining standards for this horse breed. Stallions average height of the American Cream Draft is around 16 to 16.3 hands and mares stand 15 to 16 hands, while their weight is 680 to 730 kg for mares and 820 or more for stallions.


American Cream Draft

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American Cream draft has a refined head, which is well proportioned to the body; large, wide-set, intelligent eyes, which are amber colored and makes them unique; small, expressive ears and flat nose profile. They have good sloping shoulders, short, strong back, wide chest, well-muscled hindquarters, thus are short coupled.

They also have strong hooves and legs, which are set wide apart in proportion to the body and their movement is free and easy. Pink skin, white mane, and tail are an inseparable part of this horse breed. The cream color of the breed is produced by the champagne gene. Good looking with good nature, their temperament is reputed as calm, willing, ready to please, easy going, amiable and trustworthy. Right now they are about 500 horses in the breed, but their population number is considered critical because of a genetic disease named junctional epidermolysis bullosa JEB that causes newborn foals to lose large areas of skin and others abnormalities.

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