Friesian Cross

Friesian Cross

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The Friesian Cross is also called Friesian Sport Horse or Friesianx and is a horse breed that is developed in United States of America.

It is completely different from the Friesian horse and it must not be confused with the Friesian Sporthorse, which is actually a type of the Friesian Sort Horse.As the equestrian sports gained great popularity in USA, the need for an outstanding sport horse increased.

The purebred Friesian that is originating in Netherlands crossed with sport horse produced the Friesian Sport Horse.

The best of both worlds is used for a graceful horse. The Friesian is a purpose-bred horse and stamps a quiet and gentle personality along with improved bone and foot.Crossbreeds that were made with the Friesian horse include crosses with draft horses, such as the French Percheron, the American Morgan, Arabians, Andalusian horse, American Paint Horse, Saddlebred, Thoroughbred, Tennessee Walkers and many other Warmbloods and sport horse types.

Each cross has its own name, so the crossbreed between the Firesian and the Morgan horse is known as Moriesian FriesianAndalusian is known as Warlander, FriesianSaddlebred as the Georgian Grande, and the coss between FriesianTennessee as Friewalker.

Due to their bloodlines, the offspring are distinct in color, type and size. Though lighter in build than the pure-bred Friesian, all Friesian Crosses are maintaining several characteristics of the Friesian, such as the disposition, long manes and feathering at the fetlocks on the lower legs.

They also add a graceful neck and powerful hindquarters along with elegant and expressive movement.


Friesian Cross

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The other features depend on the cross they have made. The can color can be other than black, which is not a case at the pure-bred Friesian. The Friesian Cross has a movement of warmblood and is used in various equestrian sports, but is used as a pleasure and a family horse, as well.

It is highly trainable and the ultimate sports horse, very popular in dressage, eventing, combined driving and jumping, having gaits and athleticism to excel in these disciplines.

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