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Colblood Trotter Horse

Colblood Trotter Horse

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The Coldblood Trotter horse is a breed that is originating from Norway and is one of the three national breeds in Norway. It is descended from the Norwegian light draft Dole horse, which is the largest of the native Norwegian horse breeds. It has been crossed with lighter breeds in order to refine the breed and create a faster and smoother running horse. Veikle Balder, which was foaled in 1849 and died in 1873, is considered to be the ancestor of the Coldblood Trotter and Dole horse. His great-grandfather was an English Thoroughbred horse. At the beginning of their development, the breed was bred and used by farmers for work. They were prized for their good confirmation, willing temperament and abilities to work hard.

Since 1872 the Dole horse was separated in two breeds. Horses that were faster and with better trotting step were set in another category and they were bred as racehorses. The others remained to work on farms, due the need to have a working horse was also very important. That was the beginning of what is now the Coldblood Trotter.

At hat time they were racing on frozen lakes in Norway. Breeders dont want to cross Coldblood Trotters with Dole horses that are bred for work, because they have their own distinguish characteristics. After World War II the population number of the breed has significantly decreased, due the rapid development of mechanization and motorization. Today their numbers are extremely low.


Colblood Trotter Horse

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