Danish Warmblood Horse

Danish Warmblood Horse

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Denmark is the country of origin of the Danish Warmblood horse. The alternative name is Dansk Varmblod and previously it was known as the Danish Sport Horse. Although the horse breeding was very popular in Denmark long time ago and dates even back to the 14th century, it became famous at the end of the last century, as one of the most popular countries for breeding first-class sport horses.

Breeders made great efforts by selective and special breeding methods till they achieved the final desired combination of horse breeds that will represent the Danish Warmblood. Holstenier and Frederiksborg is the base of this new breed. Initially they were crossed with Thoroughbred in order to produce a sound, quality riding horse that will be of excellent confirmation and slightly durable. Later bloodlines of Anglo-Norman, Trakehner, Wielkopolski, Selle Francais, Swedish Warmblood and more Thoroughbred were added to the resultant mares of the above-mentioned crossbreed.

Hanoverian blood was notably absent, so it could be a distinct of the other warmbloods.The first Danish Warmblood stud book was opened in 1962 and horses had to meet rigorous high standards, so they can be registered in breed registry book.

Each foal that approves a pedigree will receive a brand that looks like a crown over a wave and thats how we can recognize the Danish Warmblood. The brand symbolizes one of the oldest monarchies in Europe and the endless coastline surrounding Denmark. Together with the approved pedigree they present sing of quality and identity.

Today this breed is spread all around the world, especially are exported to Australia and the United State, where in 2001 was established a North American Danish Warmblood Association. The average height of the breed is between 15.3-17 hands high most of them approximately 16.2 hands and they can appear in all solid colors, but bay is being the most common.


Danish Warmblood Horse

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The physical appearance of the Danish Warmblood resembles mostly to the Thoroughbred but is somewhat heavier than the Thoroughbred and also has characteristics of many other bloodlines that influenced the breed. The head is attractive and refined set on a muscular neck.

The chest is broad and deep; shoulders are sloping and the back is compact and sloping. Legs are muscular, clean and strong; hooves are perfectly formed; and the tail is well set. The overall characteristics and conformational attributes are so desirable in a way to ensure a best possible placement for the saddle.These horses are bred to be excellent competitive sport horses, so they are used in many equestrian sports.

They are durable, fast and great jumpers, possessing at the same time outstanding natural elevation through the paces, which is highly valued by riders. They are especially good in dressage and jumping, being first class cross country performers, as well used for riding, being versatile animal at all around eventing. The Danish Warmblood has an exceptional temperament with needed courage and spirit. Solve this great horse puzzle and find out a noble, natural balanced horse with a calm disposition. Use your mouse to replace the pieces of the jigsaw in their right positions.

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