Anglo Arab Sardinian

Anglo Arab Sardinian

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A Sardinian Anglo-Arab horse must obey the same rule as for any other Anglo-Arabian horse and that is to have at least 25 Arabian blood. The country of origin is Sardinia, which is obvious, because of the name itself.

This breed can be also called the Sardinian, or Anglo-Arabo-Sardo AAS, but today the suffix - Sardo - is often dropped and the breed is promoted simply as Anglo-Arabian breed. Crossing Thoroughbred England with a Sardinian horse breed that carries Arabian blood is equal on AAS. The Giara is a smaller native horse and its thought that this horse is the ancestor of the AAS.

They were developed from Barb stock in Roman times and later crossed with Arabians and Thoroughbreds. A long time ago, since the Saracen domination of the island, smaller Sardinian mares were crossed with Arab stallions. In the 19th century, the Italians army needs of cavalry units increased. To meet this goal, breeders crossbred local Sardinian mares with oriental-bred stallions, which were brought from Bedouin desert tribes.

That was at the period from1874-1883 when local mares were also crossed with French Anglo-Arabian. After that started the crossbred between Thoroughbred stallions and Sardinian mares and thus appeared the current version of the Anglo-Arabo-Sardo, which was officially named in 1967. The Sardinian Anglo-Arab horse has a light build with relatively long body members. The head is refined, short, light and straight profile. The eyes are big, nostrils large, ears are small and well set, light neck.


Anglo Arab Sardinian

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Shoulder are much inclined, withers well pronounced, muscles of steel, with solid feet and legs. Depending on the height at the withers there are three types small, middle and large; standing from 156 cm- the smallest and 165 and over- the largest. There weight is between 450 and 550 kg.

Colors of the coat are mostly bay, chestnut or gray. Breeders are doing great efforts to create the Giarab pony. It is a mix between Giara and Arabians, AAS and German riding ponies and will be ideal for equestrian sports. The majority of lots of competitions belong to the Anglo-Arabo-Sardo, they have won many Grand Pries which proves that they are great in eventing and have replaced the Thoroughbred in many horse races because they are sure-footed horses, shorter and sturdier and can better withstand the stress of the race.

These horses possess fiery temper, stamina, stubborn character yet intelligent, they are strong and fast, thus aren`t suitable for novice riders. Todays AAS is distinct from that of the past and is obtaining excellent results as a saddle horse in races and as a show jumper. Beside show jumping, dressage, endurance and trekking, AAS has a big role in Sardinia`s horse culture in folk festivals. Solve a horse puzzle of a remarkable athletic and highly intelligent horse breed. Use the mouse to change the pieces of the jigsaw and see a wonderful image. Enjoy and have fun!
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