Irish Sport Horse

Irish Sport Horse

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The Irish Sport Horse is originating from Ireland. It is also called the Irish Hunter or ISH and has been developed by crossbreeding between the Irish Draught horse and the English Thoroughbred. Ireland is well known about the horse breeding generally. Even average farm breeders paid attention on correct crossbreeding among horse breeds and they kept certain mares on their farms especially for that purpose. Ireland breeders didnt except the Irish Sport horse. They used good weight carrying mares of the Irish Draught and the Cleveland Bay horse breeds with stallions of the expensive Thoroughbred horse breed.

Even though these are half bred, the Irish Sport is considered to be a separate horse breed, having their own physical characteristics and temperament, which makes them well known.An average height of the Irish Sport Horse is between 15 and 17 hands high. The breed is divided into three types, according to their weight. The first type is a light weight that can carry a rider up to 70 kg the second is a middle weight, which can carry a rider up to 89 kg and the third type is a heavy weight horse, capable of carrying a rider over 89 kg.

There are also sub-types that are classified according to their usage in the field childs working Hunter light weight working Hunter and heavy weight working Hunter. Today the most Irish Horses are middle-weights and it is a real rarity to find a heavy weight Irish Sport horse that are trained for equestrian sports side-saddle.All traditional solid colors are accepted for the breed, except skewbald, piebald and some types of pinto, such as tobianos and overos. The overall look of the Irish Sport Horse is a well proportioned horse, having traits of the Irish Draught as well of the Thoroughbred. The head is well proportioned and well set that allows balance paces. It is attractive with straight and sometimes with a slightly convex profile, having a Roman nose. The eyes are large and expressive the ears are long and well formed and the forehead is wide.



Irish Sport Horse

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The neck is slightly arched; long and muscular; the back is short, compact and strong; the shoulders are sloping; and the chest is deep and full. The croup is long, muscular, sloping and is a feature coming from Irish Draught. On the other hand, the withers are high and they are a feature coming from the Thoroughbred.

The hindquarters are very powerful; legs are strong and solid with broad joints, making them surefooted in most terrains. The natural ability of jumping, the long, sloping croup, and the high withers provide the Irish Sport to be a great mount for show jumping and their talent makes them excel in high levels of eventing.

The Irish hunter is used for many purposes, such as transportation, pleasure riding and farm work. Today breeders are engaged of breeding this increasingly popular horse breed and the Irish Sport Horse Studbook has achieved a worlds prestigious title in 2006-2007. They are used more and more in competitive riding and among the police forces in Great Britain and Ireland.

Try to solve this excellent horse puzzle by using your mouse. Rearrange the pieces of the jigsaw and find out brilliant horse breed that excels over fences. The Irish Sport Horse takes its honesty of the Irish Draught and the speed, stamina and athleticism of the Thoroughbred horse. It has a calm nature, but is very tough and lively when necessary. The Irish Hunter is brave, intelligent, reliable and easy to work with.
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