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American Warmblood

American Warmblood

horse breeds
Warmblood Horses are middle-weight types and breeds. They originated in continental Europe. Quarter Horses, Morgans and American Saddlebreds are just few of the many Warmblood horses, which have been bred into very high standards in the U.S. Here we are going to talk about the American Warmblood Horse, also known as a sport horse.

It is more of a type than a breed and is intended for the traditional sport horse disciplines and combined driving. It doesnt have a specific bloodline, which means that any horse that meets the requirements specified in the studbook can be included in this horse breed.

The breed has been influenced by the European warm bloods, Thoroughbreds, Arabs and several draft breeds. In the northern Europe people began to breed larger, war horses with lighter and faster hot bloods in order to get a horse that is larger build, but quick as race horse and milder temperament of cold bloods. From the middle of the last century, European Warmbloods were arriving into the United States.

First in 1981 was established the American Warmblood Registry and two years latter an International, non-profit profit Performance horse corporation was founded- The American Warmblood Society. They are both dedicated to the development of all Sport horses to the Olympic levels. To be registered, a horse of this breed must meet certain criteria and stringent inspection. All bloodlines are accepted if they have qualities and talents in traditional horse sports Dressage, Eventing and Show Jumping.

Warmblood horses have smaller heads and bodies than draft horses and are less excitable than hot blooded horses, which makes them good horses for light work and riding. Head and neck of a Warmblood have balanced dimensions and are in propotion to the body, just as the bone structure and whither is.


American Warmblood

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They are powerful, balanced with grate elastic gaits. A Warmblood steps forward from behind in a generous and athletic way. They have large eyes that are reflection of their alert nature. Large nostrils are on the muzzle and they are capable to take good amounts of air. Average height is around 15- 17 hands and weight is around 1350 lb 600kg.

When its about colors of the breed, Bay appears mostly, though all colors are accepted, especially solid colors. Solve a horse puzzle of an American Warmblood horse which is popular in horse sports and Olympic competitions. Well-mannered, noble with exhibiting energy, good presence and willing, this attentive horse is a wonderful chance for children to experience the joys of horseback riding. Press and hold left mouse button on a piece of the jigsaw and enjoy viewing a beautiful Warmblood horse, while ending your efforts.

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