Blazer Horse

Blazer Horse

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The Blazer horse is a relatively new horse breed that was developed in the northwestern United States. The history of the breed begins back to the 1950s when the Neil Hinck, which had a great knowledge of many horse breed, crossed an American Quarter horse and a Morgan horse with the blood of American Saddlebred and Thoroughbred.

In 1959, this mixture resulted in the foal of a new horse breed, a strong-willed Blazer. This chestnut stallion was named Little Blazer. The American Blazer Horse Association ABHA was established and incorporated in 2006 in order to preserve and promote the breed.

To be registered in the open studbook all horses have to have at least one parent that traces back to the foundation sire, the Little Blazer and the horse must be inspected by a veterinarian or a certified inspector. The Blazer horse has a refined head with bold eyes that are set well out of the corner of the head.

The neck is clean it is extreme sloping of the shoulders the back is short with good withers and good carrying confirmation. The group is well-rounded and the distance from the hip, which is long, to the last rib is very short. It is very sound with strong hooves and it has a thick bone for strength and durability. The average height of the Blazer horse is between 13-15 hands and is usually not out of these limits. At full maturity, they weigh approximately 360-455 kg.


Blazer Horse

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The coat colors are usually black, bay or chestnut, but can also appear as buckskin, palomino and various shades of dun and must be on dark under-laying skin. White markings are allowed only to the face and below the knee or hock. Primarily the breed was developed for the needs of the agriculture, to work on the farm, but at the same time to be docile enough and easy to handle by any family member.

Beside that they also gain popularity in many sports competitions, carrying features of a versatile horse with gentle and intelligent disposition. They can easily carry weight and riders of any size with no problems, even a big man over steep mountainous terrain for miles. The qualities of this willing and versatile horse are shown in barrel racing; team penning and they are also excellent trail mounts. They are well balanced, moving freely forward with easy strides, thus are great as pleasure horses.

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