Azerbaijan Horse

Azerbaijan Horse

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The name itself of this breed tells the country of origin and that is Azerbaijan. The Azerbaijan horse is developed from the region the Caucasus in Azerbaijan and there are actually several types of this breed Karabakh, Daliboz, Quba and Shirvan horse. They are all named by the regions from where they`re developed. The breed present a group of saddle horses with pack type and are characterized as mountain-steppe racing and riding horses.

They can develop speed by running at a distance of 1600 meters in 2 minutes and 66 seconds. In the past, they were favored as war horses and today they also have a high capacity for work. The Arabian and Tersk horse breeds had an influence on the Azerbaijan horse in order to improve the bloodline. They are well known for their unstable, dry, firm, lively temperament and a distinct pacing gait and racking gait. These horses are well adapted to their herds and have different longevity and endurance.

The physique characteristics of the Azerbaijan horse are a wedge-shaped head with large and expressive eyes high-set, a muscular neck that is medium in length chest girth is wide and well- developed, approximately 161 cm sparse mane and tailback are short and straight legs are very long and strong with good hooves. The average length of the body is 139 cm 13.6 hands they stand approximately 13.1-14 hands and weight 280 -350 kg.

Azerbaijan horse has the capacity to travel 60-70 km per day, with a cargo of 120-140 kg. Common coat colors are red, gray, black, chestnut, bay, dune and palomino. The Daliboz or Kazakh is a larger type of Azerbaijan horse that is developed in the Qazakh, Agstafa and Tovuz regions.


Azerbaijan Horse

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They are a national treasure of Azerbaijan, improving the breeding quality of these horses. This oriental saddle horse has a clean, short headset on the compact heavy neck. The body is ribbed massive, the back is long and the legs are clean and well-proportioned. Characteristic is that the cannon bone is larger compared to other horses and is approximately 19.4 cm. average height is 14.9 hands Another distinct feature is a peculiar lengthwise fold on the tongue giving the impression of a forked tongue, which makes them unique. The Daliboz horse was spread throughout Western Azerbaijan to improve the horse population.

Many of them suffered during the World Wars I and II when were mobilized to the front. In the middle of the 19th century more than 25,000 Daliboz horses exist in the Kazakh area and currently, there are approximately 65,000 spread across Azerbaijan, Northern Iran, Georgia, and Dagestan. All Azerbaijan types have an unstable temperament and usually have rack or pace gait.

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