Catria Horse

Catria Horse

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The Catria horse is a breed developed in the Marche region. Its country of origin is Italy, precisely from the mountainous area of the Monte Catria in the central Apennines and therefore it takes its name.
It is an ancient breed and one of the 15 native horse breeds of limited distribution recognized by the Italian Breeders Association AIA. There are many written documents tracing back to the year 1000, were this specific breed is documented to be sold to nobles and to supply the Cavalries of the neighboring territories.

It is developed by introducing various bloodlines and from crossbreeding between the sturdy Marremano and other breeds, mostly with Franches- Montagnes and the Croatian blood. These Maremmano horses were developed from the east Apennines mainly brought from Tuscany and the Franches- Montagnes also called Frieberger were from Switzerland.

They all maintained the characteristics that were essential for adapting to the wild, mountain pastures. The Catria horse is an amazingly strong little animal. After the World Wars I and II, the overall horse population number has decreased significantly, but the mountainous environments where the Catria horse was living, saved many because the land was good for pasturing wild horses.

In 1974 a Special Co-operative Agency of Catria took over the management and start controlling the crossbreeds of Marremano and Franches Montagnes, working on strict standards which will control the bloodlines.


Catria Horse

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Later in 1980 was established a new registration and its goal was to protect and improve the original stock, allowing further improvements in the stock. Today the population number of the breed is rather small and their situation is considered to be endangered and critical. The physical features are characterized with light head and straight profile; broad and deep chest; the back is short and the legs are short but powerful with wide hindquarters.

It is a sober, very tough little animal and rustic, ideal for mountainous habitat and for using the pasture lands in marginal areas. The average height of the Catria horse is approximately 14.2-14.3 hands and they can be found mostly with black, bay, grey and roan coat colors. The Catria horse is used for mountain agriculture work, thanks to their calm nature and surefooted gaits. They are also used as saddle sports horses, riding and for production of meat.

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