Caspian Horse

Caspian Horse

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The Caspian horse is a purebred ancient breed that is developed thousands of years ago. Its country of origin is Iran and there it is also known as Mouleki or Pouseki which means little muzzle. It is considered to be one of the oldest horse breeds and the most direct ancestor of the Oriental breeds, which includes the Arabian and Thoroughbred horse.

There are shreds of evidence that they existed during the Persian Empire in the first millennium B.C. The period was described as The First Great Road Empire and Persian couriers as the waster travelers in the world. Persians bred horses for transport, especially for their strength and speed. The toy of small horses with chariot and a votive offering were found in the Oxus Treasure that resembles the Caspian horse.

There is also evidence of this horse between Baghdad and Tehran. In Hamadan were found skeletons with the same bone structure as the Caspians, but their virtual history disappears when libraries and monuments were destroyed in the great Mongol and Islamic conquest. Until 1965 it was thought that the breed is extinct for over 1000 years when it was rediscovered by Louise Firouz.

She was born in America but lived in Iran and dedicated her life as a breeder for the Iranian horses. Once, when she was researching for ponies in a small town on the coast of the Caspian Sea- Amol, she spotted a bay stallion. Not a pony, but a small well bred an oriental horse and from then, when she purchased the horse and named him Ostad, started a new history of a valuable breed.

The Iranian studbook was opened in 1966 and a Royal Horse Society was established in 1973. Horses of the breed were spread to UK, North and South America, Australia and New Zealand. Today Breed Societies are associated with the International Caspian Stud Book. Because of their ancient bloodlines, they have few distinctive features that set them apart from other horse breeds the head is wider than in other breeds the shoulder bone is wider the forelimb bones are longer and slimmer compared to the horses height the bony structure that is protecting the brain skull has pronounced elevation of the interparietal bones and possess no parietal crest the hooves are narrow and oval shaped and usually don`t need to be shod they possess an extra tooth on each side where a wolf tooth would normally be etc.

The Caspian horse has a slightly concave, short head with vaulted forehead almond-shaped, large and dark eyes large, low-set nostrils short, turned in ears, small, fine muzzle and fine, thin skin. The neck is prominent, slim and gracefully arched. Shoulders are long and sloped withers are pronounced body is slim with deep girth back is straight hindquarters are powerful, well defined and proportioned legs are slim but strong with no feathering on the fetlocks and the tail is set high. The hooves are oval shaped and extremely strong, which means that these horses are rarely shod, regardless of the extreme conditions, only when are constantly working on the very hard and sound ground.


Caspian Horse

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The main and tail are long, silky and luxurious. Its average height is between 10-12 hands. Although pony-sized, their confirmation, gaits, and temperament are like that of a small horse, rather than a pony. The coat of the Caspian horse is silky and shiny in the summer and the colors can vary from a bay, gray, chestnut, but black and buckskin are less common.

Some can have markings on their head or legs. Gray can go through changes before their maturity, from shades of roan to white over time. The Caspian horse is used as show horses, cart ponies, for pleasure riding, especially for tall children, dressage, harness racing, show jumping, and eventing. Their natural jumping ability and extreme athleticism are due to a great length from the hip to the hock. Their gaits are long, deer-like and occasionally ambling.

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