Faroe Horse

Faroe Horse

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The Faroe horse is a small breed, which country of origin is Denmark. Actually, from a point view of its height, technically this is a pony, so it is also called Faroe Pony, Faeroes Pony or Faroe Island Horse.

Native people prefer to call it a horse, rather than a pony because it shows extraordinary robustness and great strength, just as a horse. The Faroe is a very old and one of the purest breeds on the Faroe Islands and worldwide. The reason to be so pure is that they have not been influenced by other breeds.

To understand its development and the unique nature of the Faroe horse, we first should know more about the Islands and their history. Hundreds of years ago, around 200 BC, many Europeans, especially Scandinavians and Celts settled the islands and brought their horses with them.

The Faroe Islands lie northwest of Scotland and somewhere between Iceland and Norway. The environment is unique and breathtaking, naturally treeless due to the strong winds and frequent gales. The influence of the adopted horses at that period, including the horse breeds, from Asia, shaped the breed into what is know today.

The only other breed that is that old and pure, is the Icelandic Horse, which as the Faroe pony is also isolated in a remote location and by some is considered to be Faore`s parent breed. Beside this breed, the Faroe horse is also related with the Dole, Fjord Horse, Eriskay and Exmoor Pony.

During the 1960s the breed was considered to be almost extinct, due to their extensive exports to the United Kingdom for the needs of mines that required a small sized animal with great strength. There were only 5-6 left alive on the islands and there were made great efforts by the people to bring the breed back and increase their population number.


Faroe Horse

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They had success and now there are up to 50 horses, still maintaining and developing this unique breed that is an iconic image of the Faroe Islands. The average height of the breed is approximately 11.1 12.1 hands high 114- 124 cm. The coat colors are mostly brown, chestnut and black, but dun and palomino can be also found.

The Faroe is a small horse with a relatively long neck and a slightly sloping back. The croup is broad; the tail is long and the mane is thick and abundant. Hooves are hard and thus they are surefooted, possessing five gaits. In the past the breed was used for carrying or hauling heavy loads at the farms. In the meantime, they were released to roam freely on the mountains.

Today they have mainly used a tourist attraction, pack animal and as a riding horse for children. Solve a great puzzle and see an image of a friendly, intelligent and adaptable pony. The Faroe is one of the toughest and rarest horse breeds that is endangered and on the brink of extinction.

It is hardy and long-lived, yet so precious that it is not allowed to export them from their native islands and therefore not known in other countries. Use your mouse and change the place of the pieces of the jigsaw
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