Colorado Ranger

Colorado Ranger

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The Colorado Ranger horse is a breed that is developed in the Colorado High Plains and is named after this region. Its country of origin is the United States. The alternative name of the Colorado Ranger is Colorado Rangerbred. The history of the breed goes back to early 20th century when Mike Ruby was carefully breeding horses on his ranch.

Each offspring had writing records that included foaling dates, coat patterns, and pedigrees. All traits of today`s registered horses lead to one of the two foundation sires. In 1934 he got an invitation by the National Western Stock Show Commission in Denver to bring and exhibit a pair of his horses in the Coliseum.

These two stallions, Leopard and Fox, were very attractive and quite a sensation for the faculty members of the Colorado State University. They also accepted the breeds name- Colorado Ranger, which means Colorado horses bred under range conditions and that was the official name that is still in use. These two horses became the descendants of the breed.

Crossed with other horses they created two foals that were declared as the foundation stallions, named Patches and Max. One the oldest horse registry in the USA is actually the Colorado Ranger Horse Association CRHA. It is a bloodline registry, established in 1935 by Mike Ruby with an agreement in 1938. He was its first president and stayed as president till he died. The main goal of the association is to promote and protect the breed.

Today the Colorado Ranger Horse Associations home is in Pennsylvania. They organize many events and shows every weekend and enjoy watching and showing their horses in this family reunion. The Colorado Ranger has to meet additional requirements to be registered. All of them contain Appaloosa, Arabian horse, Thoroughbred or American Quarter Horse bloodlines.


Colorado Ranger

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According to the color requirements, there are no specific rules, except that a Colorado Ranger must not have paint or pinto white patterns or markings. That means that all other colors as chestnut, bay, black, grey, roan and appaloosa are accepted. These horses also cant be of pony or draft horse breeding.

The Colorado Ranger horse mostly resembles the Appaloosa horse breed. The average height of the breed is between 14-15.4 hands high. They are a unique breed that is compact and has its own heritage. The head has a convex profile with the white sclera of the eyes, legs are correct and strong with hard feet and the mane and tail are short coupled. Many Colorado Rangers are double registered with the Appaloosa Horse Clubs and one in eight Appaloosas are also originating from Patches or Max Colorado Ranger stallions. The Colorado Ranger horse has a great cow sense, due its initially bred for cow herding.

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