The Altai Mountains, which mean Mountains of gold, are one of the most beautiful places in the world. They are spread in Central Asia. Thence origins this beautiful horse breed and got its name- Altai horse breed.

The terrain in this region is rugged, full with steep mountains and hard passing rivers. This horse breed is small, with an average height of 13.2-13.3 hands. The Altai has a large, coarse head with small eyes, which is set on a short, fleshy neck. Legs are short, but well-set and they have long and dipped back, which makes them excellent for transporting people and cargo thru the fast-moving rivers.

Altai horse ranks as one of the ancient horse breeds, thus the terms and conditions have made them very strong and stable. For nomads of the Altai Mountains is very important to own this kind of horse, because some places are hard to pass and horses might being the only source of transport.



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Breeders have been crossing Altai horse with other horse breeds like Lithuanian, Russian and Soviet Heavy Draught, in order to get larger and stronger horses but still to retain their sound health and be undemanding as regards their management. Common coat colors of this breed are chestnut, bay, black, gray and leopard pattern is rare.

The Altai is highly adapted to year-round pasture grazing. Take an adventure by solving a wonderful horse puzzle. Youll have lots of fun and discover the beauties of the Altai Mountains and lake and see the most popular horse breed in this region- the Altai horse. They are riding horses on trekking steep mountains, hard workers, beasts of burden, but sensible animals and with exceptional beauty.

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