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Horse games, horse games everywhere! You can find them in every step you take through Animated horses can be very touching. See for yourself by creating your own unique horse. And even if you are not a real professional gamer, it really doesn`t matter. Artists-animators have long been invented, but it remains to choose which horse game are you planning to play and for how long. Our recommendation is to play them all because we have a long list of only the best horse games out there. When you are ready to play a horse game, just click on the Start button and let the fun begin. You will have a chance to play horse dress up game, funny horse comedies, horseback riding games, horse racing games and many more. Create your own virtual horse world and make it a place that you will visit every day in order to play new fun games and adventures!

Top Girls Horse Games

  1. Detective Horse
  2. Save the Animals
  3. Dora Pony Ride
  4. Knight Age 2
  5. Luna Horse Adventure
  6. Madmen Racing 2
  7. Moto X3M Spooky Land
  8. Horse Go
  9. The Most Wanted Bandito 2
  10. Most Wanted Bandito

Best Girls Horse Games

  1. My Horse Farm
  2. Pony Care
  3. Skate Horses
  4. Izzy Boxes
  5. Robin Hood and Treasures

Most Played Girls Horse Games

  1. Horse Eventing 3
  2. Horse Jumping 3D
  3. Elsa Horse Caring
  4. Romantic Pursuit
  5. Charger Escape

FAQ: What are Girls Horse Games

Horse games are the main reason why are we here. They are the reason for our existence, but most importantly for your fun and entertainment. Just like all other kids you too probably love animals, especially horses. You may be a great horseback rider, of course, if you had a horse of your own. No worries, though! Equestrian sport is a very specific type of physical activity since the success of any occupation in it depends simultaneously on two living beings. Our horse riding games will allow you to get to know this sport better. Successful riding is impossible without close and sensitive interaction between the rider and the horse, complete synchronization of their movements and believe in your horse friend. During the ride, the rider controls the horse by pulling and loosening the reins, shifting body weight, hip compression, and even voice. In addition, the equestrian sport requires a special approach, and not only for horses but also for riders.


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It is obvious that we love horse games. You can easily see it and feel it in the air. You too must love them also for the same reasons we do. Horse games are all around you.

It does not matter is the game about a horse that is in a serious race, is it about a beautiful horse dress up, or the story is about a horse detective or a talking horse. The only thing that matters is that the main character will be a horse and that it will need your help. So are you ready to help horses in over 1000 horse games and have the best time in your life.

Play all games from the huge collection of racing games. Here you can play as a beautiful girl who wants to learn to ride horses well or as a brave boy who already knows everything about horse racing. You should help your friends through these adventures and win the gold. All training will take place in various stadiums where your friends will keep an eye on your actions.

Start the day, select any horse game and enter the world of virtual horses. There are many different game modes available, many rules to be followed and many skills to be shown. The most important thing of all is to have a great time while playing all these games and earning the highest score possible. Learn to ride virtual horses, dress them up and play all day long. All boys and girls will be happy playing with our horse friends.

Egyptian Horse, The Most Wanted Bandito, Magic Pegasus, Charger Escape and Horse Show Jumping are just a few titles of this enormous collection. It will be a tough one, but every effort that you make for these precious creatures will be greatly appreciated.

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