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Tale of the Unicorn King

Tale of the Unicorn King

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Tale of the Unicorn King Flash Horse Game,Dora and her friend Boots are going to prove that Unicornio deserves the title King of the enchanted forest. He really is kind, smart, brave and strong, but he must prove it all. On his way to the enchanted castle he and his friends are going to collect royal coins and have some fun. Join them through the adventure and collect as much as you can. Use the up and down arrow keys to move to the left and right and press Space Bar to jump over an obstacle. Run over a carrot and go way up to the sky, riding the unicorn on the top of the trees and collecting coins. After you finish the first stage youll meet an elf that is trying to reach the fruits on the tree, but he cant. Unicornio is so kind and of course he will help him by using his magic. Wait a second, look he just got a sticker for his kindness. Hurray! Now he can go on another adventure and pick up coins. All he has to do is to prove that hes smart and pass the riddle tree and give the correct answer. Keep going till you find the dragon, but dont be afraid because Unicornio will brave and use his magic to protect you. Now youre one step to the enchanted castle and the final thing Unicornio needs to prove is that hes strong. And yeap, he will do it again, pulling out the squirrel from the river. Get all four stickers and help The Tale of Unicorn King become true!


Tale of the Unicorn King

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