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My Little Pony Games are the icing of the cake. This means that if is the cake, then My Little Pony Games are those that make it even better than it already is. Play these awesome games free of charge and have a blast.

The biggest and richest collection of My Little Pony Games from all around the globe can be found here, so stay here. Uniqueness, simplicity and absolute fun are part of each game. Beside the flash version, Smart Pony and My Little Pony Solitaire can be downloaded for free.

So, get them on Google Play and have neverending fun time playing them. My Little Pony Friendship, Cute Pony, Sweet Pony, Little Pony Dance Studio, Flappy Little Pony and so many more are going to fulfill your day with joy and happiness.

My Little Pony Games are real magic, the most beautiful dream of every child. Let them be part of your dreams too and enjoy every minute of the My Little Pony game adventure. Also do not forget to play the best Pony Games Why do all children love ponies so much? Perhaps the reason for this was the famous cartoon called My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. This is a miracle that has long lain in the hearts of kids. Ponies are small horses that look very cute and carefree. And all children love funny and cute creatures from cartoons or fairy tales. It will not be about urban ponies, which not every child will want to ride now, because all these ponies are tormented by daily riding of passers-by for the sake of earning money to the owner.

We will talk about famous ponies from the series, such as: Rainbow Desh, Pinkie Pie, Rarity and others. Each one of them is well known to every child, each repeatedly imagining himself in the place of one or another pony. With the participation of such famous characters, games about ponies were created, which currently entertain a lot of kids all over the world. Most of these games will allow your child to imagine themselves in the pony world, for example, to visit the famous city of Ponyville or pick apples with Applejack. Help your child grow with your favorite little ponies.

In these games you can dress, feed and take care of your pony as a real person. Mostly ponies are loved by girls, probably because all the cartoon characters are multi-colored like a rainbow, they love to sing songs, bake sweet cakes and dress gorgeously. All ponies are even compared with girls, and each of them was given its own name in order to bring beautiful ponies as close as possible to human characters.