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Pony Creator Game Info :
Pony Creator is a free Pony Game which can be played online at Would you like a new job? Letís say, how it will be to work as a Pony Creator and create the most beautiful creature in the world. Change the weight, height and the buffness of the ponyís body, as well its body color and add some wings or leave it without them. Then change the shape of its head and create a horn. Change the expression of the lovely eyes and mouth, to make a smiling, shy or a heartrending pony. The mane and tail can be with same color and shape or not. Decorate your pony with beautiful accessories and change the color of the background. The combinations are endless, so you can play the Pony Creator and never get bored. Just use the mouse to change the items and your imagination for a wonderful day with Pony Creator.

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