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Pony Ride

Pony Ride is an amazing Pony Game that you can play on A cute little pony girl is calling you on an amazing Pony Ride. Join then through this simple game and dress up the adorable pony. Use your mouse to click on one at the time on the icons, which are located at the right hand side of the screen. At the top is the icon for the coat color, then under it, by clicking the other two icons you can change the styles of the mane and tail, from fluffy, straight and many more. However, the color of the mane and tail always stays red. And when it comes about the expression of the eyes, we all know that it can tell us a lot how we feel, so the same goes for the ponies. A pony looks great with a saddle, but it also can run without it, so click the saddle icon and choose the one you like the most or leave it without it. Set a new accessory on the ponys neck, apply a tattoo and decorate the hooves. At the end click the Show button to see the final look and replay the game as many times as you want, because the opportunities are endless and you can enjoy as long as you play Pony Ride

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