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Dogs are best friends to men! Most of all these cute creatures like little children, because they find true friends in dogs. Having a pet in the house is a big responsibility because it requires constant care. Therefore, often parents do not allow their kids to have a four-fingered pet. That is why we have created a long list of dog games, in which everyone can get a cute puppy and look after them, like a real living pet. If you want to prove to your parents that you can care for dogs, you need to take a puppy care course. So start playing and accomplish your mission.

Top Dog Games

  1. Albert the Dog
  2. Airborne Kangaroo
  3. Angel of the Battlefield
  4. Farm Doggie
  5. Kitts Kingdom
  6. Rocket Pets
  7. Cat Around the World
  8. Dog Simulator 3d
  9. Jummy Tales
  10. Angry Gran Run Cairo

Best Dog Games

  1. Ruthless Pandas
  2. Sheep Pie
  3. Maxims Adventures
  4. Fresbee Catching Dog
  5. Cat vs Dog

Most Played Dog Games

  1. Happy Farm
  2. Cute Farm Hospital
  3. Farm Doggie
  4. Dora the Explorer Find Those Puppies
  5. My Puppy Play Day

FAQ: What are Dog Games

As the name itself says - dog games are games with dogs. But not only dogs, in these games we are meeting many other animals. Some of them are friends with our favorite dog but some aren`t. Most often our goal in these games is to care about dogs, dress them, but sometimes, in order to win in the game we need to race or jump over the various obstacles with our favorite dog character.


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Play dog games and have fun for free at Dogs are your best friends. Kids love all animals, but dogs, especially little puppies are the cutest, the most adorable little friends they can ever have. has a huge collection of dog games and we propose you to play absolutely all of them. If you like Scooby Do you will find many racing and sports games exactly with him and his buddy.

Bolt is brave as always, but in Bolt Rescue mission he needs your help to overcome the challenge. Maxims Day Out is a sweet online game for toddlers and Dog Chihuahua is a fancy dress up for the girls. All dog games are special in their own way, so let the fun begin and enjoy.

In this section of Dog Games, you will be able to babysit cute little dogs that need your help so much. Here you will see many different breeds of dogs, such as Chihuahua, Bulldog, Sheepdog, and many other cute dogs. If you want to take care of a virtual dog, then this is the right place. If you want to compete with other dogs, then again, this is where you have to be. You just have to play our coolest dog games and you will reach your goal. If you manage to bathe, feed and dress virtual dogs, then you are already ready to be responsible for the little puppy who will become a true friend for you!

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