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Angel of the Battlefield

Angel of the Battlefield

animal games
What are angels for They are here to guide you and save you in difficult times. This time an angel appears as a bunny and has a very difficult mission. He has to go through the battlefield and save innocent souls. Help him complete his mission and of course treat him with carrots as a reward. Press left right arrow keys or AD keys to run to the left right. Up arrow key or W is to jump Space Bar is to pick up put down a wounded soldier and thus transfer him to tent the as fast as possible. E key is to activate the elevator up or down and press down arrow key or S key to duck. Angels do have unlimited lives, but they love have as more stars as possible. So, dont worry if you fail the mission, because you can try over and over again, just click the Retry button or go to the Main Menu and select another level. But when you finish it try to complete it fast to earn three stars in each level. The star meter is on the right upper corner of your screen and decreases as the time passes by. Even if you lose all three stars, you still have a chance to complete the mission, unfortunately with no stars. Have fun with this lovely angel story and music.


Angel of the Battlefield

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