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Kitts Kingdom

Kitts Kingdom

girls games
Cat City was one of the most beautiful places on Earth. All kitties were so happy when suddenly something terrible happened. They were attacked by evil dogs and when everything seemed to be lost the bravest hero appeared. His name was Kitt and he is Felines last chance to get rid of these dogs. Start a long adventure, upgrade your fort and save the Kingdom. Use the WASD keys to move around and click and hold left mouse button to fire. When you buy a new weapon you can change it by pressing Q or E keys, choosing the next weapon. You can also choose an exact weapon by pressing a number key from 1 to 7 or by clicking the weapon icon, displayed on the weapon bar at the bottom of the screen. Collect bonuses that your enemies will drop when you shoot them. Earn money and go to the Upgrade Centre to buy the coolest upgrades ever. There are 7 different weapons which can be improved in strength, reload and clip size. Then, you can also upgrade your fort and get some help from mechanics and turrets. At the top of the screen there are several bars. Starting from left to the right they are your money your health the number of the wave available weapon and your score. Just below is the numbers of the left enemies that you have to destroy. Clear this number and carry on till the final victory


Kitts Kingdom

is one of our selected girls games which can be played for free at horse-games.org. It has been played 4441 times and has been rated from administrators of horse-games.org with 4.80 stars out of 5.

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